11 methods to get backlink to your Blog

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The best way to get Backlinks? This is one of the most asked questions from blogger. Nowadays I will tell you some totally free methods to get Backlink for you website and blog. Before reading this post I hope you have study my another write-up what is Backlink? Why Backlink is essential?
ok lets se the best way to get it. Here i've listed 11 methods to get backlink to your weblog.

1. High quality content: Yes, writing high quality content material is the finest method to obtain Backlink naturally. If you write quality content material, folks will love it and they may possibly link to your post. And that link will probably be extremely natural. So make an effort to write top quality and interesting post which will attract a lot of individuals. Then link will come automatically.

2.Guest posting: Quest posting really well-liked technique among blogger. So you may write quality post and request to other well-known blogger inside your niche to publish your write-up. In case you are accepted then you can supply your link in author bio section. However it is not easy to obtain accepted by other blogger. So make an effort to write truly quality write-up to be accepted.

3. Blog comments: Commenting on other weblog particularly on dofollow blog is a great way to get Backlink for your weblog. But ensure to comment on blog which is comparable together with your niche. And do not be spam their try to leave meaningful relevant comment. Don't just say like nice post or thanks for sharing etc. So when you locate an intriguing post, don't forget to leave a comment to know particulars you might like Secrets to obtain traffic and search engine optimization benefit from blog comments!!

4. Blog directory: Web you'll discover a lot of weblog directory to submit your weblog. Directory submission is a great way to get one way link. Try to submit your blog to as several directories as possible. But attempt to submit your blog in high ranked blog directory.

5. Press Releases: Press release about your web site is also an excellent method to get Backlink. You could release your blog news in different press release site like PRweb and PRleap

6. Joining forum: There are a lot of forum on the market. You may join those forums. Numerous forums permit your link as signature. You are obtaining Backlink for every forum post. I know it's not possible to be active lots of forum. So join a minimum of five or 6 forum and be active on it. Attempt to actually aid people there and give value to their comments.

7. Article submission: If you're a serious blogger I'm positive you like to write post. Nicely post submission to different post directory is actually great method to get 1 way Backlink. In author bio section you are allowed to give your link with anchor text. Try to write at least 3 or 4 post to submit write-up directory. Think about the page rank before submitting your write-up.

8. Social Bookmarking site: You'll find lots of social bookmark sites available. Invite your reader to share your post there. You might bookmark your personal post. But do not do it an excessive amount of.

9. Social networking web site: Actually I'm not a fantastic fan of social networking website to get Backlink. But if you have lots of pals their like facebook, myspace, twitter you may get some Backlink.

10. Squidoo: This is really a web site which allow you to generate pages known as lens. In lens you'll be able to write anything you want related to your weblog subject and can give a Backlink to your weblog. I really like this technique as it truly natural.

11. Blogroll exchange: You might exchange your link with other blogger related to your weblog subject. To do this you may make a list of blogger on your niche and send e-mail to exchange link with you. But google give much less value on this link.
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