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I have a consulting business running here in Australia. I also spend a lot of time in London due to family there, and would now like to have my business found in the UK, so I can generate new clients there too.
Currently I have both a company name website and a KW rich URL site here in Oz that generate traffic / leads for me.
These "local" sites are both .com.au, but I also own the .net for these.

If I want a business ranked both in Oz and UK, should I go separate sites with similar content, or is it possible / best to rank one URL (the .net for example) in both countries.

What is the best solution? I'd love to just put all my efforts into one site, but will do what is best.

I have reasonable understanding of SEO at a basic level, and outsource anything big when it's needed - so have resources / relationships established to do whatever is needed.
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