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by BlakeM
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I recently realized that the google keyword tool crashes safari

But i found a solution for people with jail-broken devices! The app on cydia is called "browser - quick search" by modmyi

Still no app store browsers, for non jailbroken devices, that ive found that work but I'll alert you guys if I find one!
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    Originally Posted by BlakeM View Post

    I recently realized that the google keyword tool crashes safari
    I wonder has that only started happening recently - I used to use the Google Keyword tool occasionally on my iphone and it worked fine.

    Just checked it right now though, and as you said, it crashed.

    I'd definitely be interested if someone came up with a solution for non jail broken devices - it's not something I'd use often, but sometimes it's handy when you think of a keyword and want to check it on the spot.
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    There are many limitations to an iPad, but it works most of the time. I'm gonna have to investigate this jail breaking thing.
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    I heard that keyword tool wouldn't run on safari, I downloaded iChromy which works but I feel is a bit slow.. and yes I to get to do keyword research in bed..
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      I have downloaded ichromy For freebfrom the app store today, and it works just fine with adwords keywords tool as well as a good all round browser. Some people complained about it being slow to load up, but I have not experienced any of that. My wireless is quite strong.

      I was really upset and started wondering weather it was a good idea to purchase an iPad.

      Google keyword tool is pretty important tool for Internet marketeers and Ichromy will solve your issues.

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    I'm in early development to create a google keyword tool for iphone / Ipad. Is anyone still interested? or does anyone have any suggestions for it?
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