Is "<product name> review" a buyer keyword?

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I'm not really keen to build content and sites around keywords that aren't "buyer" keywords.

Has anyone had a lot of success with "<product name> review" keywords?
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    I would say it's a warm buyer keyword. Not as hot as "product name discount" or "cheapest price product name" but definitely warmer than just the product name alone.

    A quick and dirty way to check how much of a buyer keyword something is, check the pricing of clicks for that keyword with Google Adwords tool. Not 100% accurate, but generally if advertisers are bidding more for that keyword, then it must be converting better.
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      I agree with Karen - I think it IS a buyer keyword, but not as strong as something like 'buy product name'.

      I've made the majority of my money in niche marketing targetting 'product name review' type keywords, so it's definitely profitable.

      I have a number of sites based specifically around just one product (with the main keyword being 'product name review') and some are making $1000+ per month.

      It's important to rank well though, as you'll probably be up against alot of other affiliates all targetting that particular keyword. Most times the searcher will see 10 articles on page 1 of Google all called 'product name review' (or some variation of it). You need to try and make yours stand out from the rest.
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    It has been a buyer keyword for me and I have found it about 100 times easier to rank for then cheap product or product discount

    If you do any kind of blogging and want to try the next big thing, PM me.

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    Oh nice...these answers are very encouraging.
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    Originally Posted by Web Tempest View Post

    Is "<product name> review" a buyer keyword?
    In my experience, its a pre-sales keyword that's as effective as your pre-sales copy.

    If you want to check some stronger "buyer" keyword phrases, try these:

    <product name> discount

    <product name> coupon

    <product name> coupon code

    <product name> free shipping

    Notice that all of these infer a "buyer" mentality. The user has already been sold and is ready to buy. They are looking for the final step to seal the deal and pull the trigger.
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      I can safely say that it's not something that a buyer would search. If I were a buyer, I would be searching for some cheap <product name> or <product name> for sale or something.

      "People who rely on just a couple of concepts, only shows how clueless they are."

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    i have seen more clicks for scam than review...if it helps
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    I have set up sites (both using SEO and PPC) targeted to keywords like this and in my experience anyone typing in a product name is interested in buying it - whether it has 'review', 'scam', 'discount', etc. after it. Not all of the people who search for this will end up buying of course, but the conversion rates for keywords like this compared to something more general (e.g. 'best <product category>) are much higher!

    Even with a very poor landing page I have seen conversion rates of 5%+ with keywords like this.


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    Isn't prohibed to use nameproduct in domain because of trademark?
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    It's a pretty good one. But not as good as discount, cheap, coupon, etc.
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