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I am trying to decide what keywords to choose. I have made an excel sheet with 6 individual keywords, all having the same targeted niche, but have slightly different search statistics according to Google Traffic Estimator Tool. My plan is to pick a keyword, make it my domain, then revolve my entire site around that specific keyword.

So could you pick either keyword #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, or #6 that you think would be the best keyword to target. A description of why you picked that keyword would be very helpful as well.

Competition = keyword wrapped in quotes like "keyword"
Avg PR Comp. = total of Google's page ranks on the first page, divided by 10.
GMS = Global Monthly Searches
LMS = Local Monthly Searches

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    If it would help to know the exact keywords, I can P.M. you. (I just did not want to post publicly to expose my possible domains) Thanks
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    I look at the exact match search volume and commercial intent when considering an exact keyword domain, your volumes are pretty low, although a more realistic target than some million+ search term. I have no concrete stats on it, but say 1/3 of the searchers go to your site, you are looking at around 10 visitors a day. One optimistic conversion rate you see for sales pages is 1.0%, that would equate to 3 sales a month.

    (too bad the MS commercial intent tool has vanished)

    Google reps have mentioned that they are reviewing the easy ranking that exact keyword domains had been receiving, it's safe to assume that the golden days of such domains have past.

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    Hard to tell without a small test. Sometimes it "looks" easy and it's difficult, sometimes it's the opposite. Thats why it's so important to test for yourself. I know it's not an easy investment, but in the end pays off to test them all and stick with the most valuable ones.
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    Sorry, but none of that information is helpful.

    We need to know the following of EVERY site on the first page.

    Backlinks to page ranking,
    Backlinks to domain,
    Keyword in domain,
    Keyword in title tag,
    Keyword in H1,

    Once you can provide that information we can better answer you. If you want PM me the keyword and I'll run it through traffic travis. I'll be able to look at all of that within a minute.
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    Woah guy (or girl)! Delete those right away...
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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