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Hi everybody
Do you know of any program that really works for authomatic articles submissions,on the net there are thousand of places that they promise you this and that,but i have heard also that if you dont use the right program or the right directories ,your submissions are not effective also if you articles are in 10000 directories,thousand of places offer you service for $$ or $$$ a month how to pick the right stuff in this jungla where everyone seems to wish to sell you everything ,promising you that is the best?
Thanks for any help and ,if the articles are not read has no meaning to publish them right?
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    I wouldnt't use automatic article submission now,due to the panda update.
    I would only stick with the main article directory sites.
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      so for what i read it could damage more than help my website
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    Try Article Marketing Robot. This tool specialized automated article submission and the software has more than 2000+ directories.
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      Article marketing itself has suffered a major blow after the recent Google panda update. If I were you I would focus much more on submitting only unique article instead of using automated services. A link that you can get from a unique article can have more value than a number of links that you get from duplicate content that are spread all the over the internet.
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    Just to add my own 2 cents here article marketing isn't dead but has been massively devalued. A major contributor to this devaluation was marketers submitting hundreds of even thousands of low quality articles to directories. And of course the directories accepted them and plastered Adsense all over them.

    I own AMR and it handles submissions well - in terms of submitting to hundreds of directories. The interface needs WORK though.

    Now here's the thing. People say to submit to hundreds of directories for backlinks to your site....but....what's the point of having a link from a site that has zero Google trustrank and probably almost no page rank. Will those articles increase in all these low value directories increase your rankings? No way. As a matter of fact try doing a backlink check with any tool you like and see if you can find even a handful of these links after you do a mass submit. You won't find them.

    Instead I'd suggest is much the same as GreatAr4 did - submit unique content and only submit it to article directories where your article actually stands a chance of being indexed there. Here's my shortlist of those:


    Hope that helps :-)

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      I tried one of those programs for authomatic submission of articles guys you are right they are a piece of garbage,you are very right when you say it makes no point if you article is in wammaduudu.com that none read and less than less that Google never considers,pr is never indexed you are so right here
      what's the point of having a link from a site that has zero Google trustrank and probably almost no page rank... at the beginning you say ..oh wowwwwwww what a explosion of directories wow cool very cool then you go in one directory of those directories and see NOTHING ...who goes to that page to read those articles?im new to this marketmthanks everyone for the usefull help!
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