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Hi i have a blog that yesterday for my searched key words was in page 2 of google search and been there for several days ...
I checked this morning Now is not anymore in page 2 and not in 3 or 4 what happened?Is it something normal?
Can anyone explain to me?
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    I was wondering if your site re-appeared? I have seen the same thing and it can be for a variety of different reasons.
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      Have you done any link building for that site lately? If you did then most likely it will come back up, probably on the first page this time.I have noticed that when google gives new rankings to a site it vanishes for a few days.
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    no it didnt reappear one day i downloaded a sorta of crappy program to submit your article to many directorie,i used that piece of s*** program and submitted an article to crappy directoris the day after my web page was disappeared the web page on which i did the experiement
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    You may just be going through the Google dance. I've had sites & pages all but vanish for a few days, only to come back a little stronger.
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      is not even anymore in 900 searches ..i checked
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    has been a while now my site is there only i frankly dont know in what underground position is the magma of the earth core ..LOL
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    Have you tried the search in google to see if you're still indexed?
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    can i add a post inside the blog i mean without touch the last post and bring the blog back to life?say last post was 29 june can i add a page dated 27 of june?
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    If the site is new (less than 6 months old) then you're going to be going up and down like crazy anyway.

    The key here is to build links consistently. I have had sites bounce around that were new but because I backlinked consistently they always come back to a lofty page 1 position.

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      today i checked again and my blog is nowhere in the first 1000 pages for that keyword
      the pages are indexed but the blog is nowhere i not even 700 position,if i write another post to the blog can it reappear or is it a curse you cannot reverse? i swear i was in 3 page for my keywords
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