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I have created 4 new pages for my website, its been about a month now and google indexed and is ranking all 4 of the pages, however bing/yahoo have only indexed 2 of them. How do I get the 2 non indexed pages- indexed?

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    Forgive the dumb question, but did you submit them to yahoo and bing? They don't always just pick up every site built, you need to be sure to submit your site and/or your sitemap to all 3 major SE's.

    On the other hand, If you DID, make sure you have a sitemap and robots.txt file set up and that should help a bit - try pinging yahoo and bing to your sitemap, see if that helps.

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      Thanks for the reply. This site has been indexed for years, I have created 4 new pages for the site and 2 were indexed and 2 weren't. It;s been about a month now.

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