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I'm hoping this is the correct place to start a discussion concerning FB ads.
If not, please forgive my ignorance and impertinence and point me in the right direction.

Has Facebook in the last 24 hours changed the targeted options in their ads?

I'm new to FB - they don't respond - no one is twittering about it - so I turn
to my friends here in the forum.

All the FB ad training shows a general category targeting as well as an announced preference - like someone who has actively liked a topic page.

Now in the live ad creation on FB, its just those that have actively liked a topic.

Previously before I was trying to advertise, I could have chosen say local business owners and my city - now I can not. This change seems to be huge.

Has anyone familiar with FB ads tried to initiate a new ad and noticed this?
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    Tell you what - I would stay away from them.

    I produced a quick video last year (bad quality since it was a spur of the moment thing and I was using my blackberry to film it). But I explain WHY using FB ads is not productive:


    <a href="">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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      Yes - I'm definitely running an experiment!

      turns out that the facebook app that I was running on the portion of the facebook page that I was having the ad point to was the problem.

      ALSO, for about 48 hours facebook removed the alternative targeting option - its back now - so it is possible to target small business owners in any particular city.
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