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Hey gang, if you had your choice between either using UAW (unique article wizard) or SE Nuke X, which would you use and why?

I know they are totally different types of software, but they are both designed to get you back links, so if you were to only be able to use one of them, which would it be?

Thanks for your input!
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    I havn't used UAW before, but judging from its name i'm guessing it only posts to article directories, so I'd go with senuke since you can build backlinks from different sources such as web 2.0s, press releases, social bookmarks, video sites. It is important to some variety in your backlinks - makes it look more natural

    however, senuke can seem pricey which puts alot of people off. If you put it to good use its worth it in my opinion
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      Thanks Dan, UAW posts to their own network of Blogs. Works well have been using it, but it is also quite pricey, close to 70 bones a month. I have gotten decent results with it, first page, but not as high on the page as I would like. Thought it might have something to do with the variety of the links, i.e. not enough variety of different links.

      Picked up SE Nuke X, going through some online tutorials to figure it out, think I will try it on a few key words I am targeting and compare it to the results from UAW and then decide from there.

      I have heard some say SE Nuke X can leave a footprint? Any concerns with this?
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    Though i haven't tried UAW but i think you can go for Senuke X. Its a very good tool for creating backlinks.
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      Try looking at BookmarkWiz. Just do a search for it on the WF. I am not an affiliate or anything, but I think this is the real deal as far as Backlinking SOFTWARE goes. I will probably purchase and check it out myself.
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    I personally like SE Nuke X. This is better than other, because I fill comfort using this tool.
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    I would use Bookmarking Demon No monthly fee
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      The major reason I am leaning towards only using SE Nuke X is because I am sick and tired of re-writing my articles 3 times and/or spinning (which UAW) requires.

      And where apparently you really do not need to spin or put unique content up if your goal is only back links, I am hoping SE Nuke X does as good a job as far as ranking my site as UAW has.

      Some what of a catch 22 in that I know UAW works, but can't stand doing the spinning any longer! :confused:
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    Scrapebox hands down the best tool for the price. It's only $57 and it can do so much more than just building back links.

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    As morc says, it's got a million other uses aside from helping create backlinks.
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    Scrapebox is the best for comment backlink

    scrpeboard for backlink profile in the future
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    Backlink Energizer Saves You Hours of Work!

    Backlink Energizer will post to 8 Web 2.0 Blogs, several times a day, each post including Links to your Backlinks (You can link to your Main Site too).
    The content is taken from "Full Content" RSS feeds, and posted automatically to several Web 2.0 sites!
    You can define how often a post is made, how many links are included, which anchor text is used and much more!
    The Backlink Enrgizer is easy to install (Its a Wordpress Plug In) and easy to use, just install, past your Web 2.0 account detailes, past a list of Links and RSS feeds, define keywords (Used as Anchor Text) and you are ready to go!
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    Senuke X is the way to go mate. Everything automated. Everything configurable, right down to how many sites you want to nuke.

    Just my two cents =)
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    If I had one choice I'd go with SENuke X. It also submits to article directories plus it has all the other useful modules like web2.0 creation, press release submissions, rss, and others. It is more expensive though, but you get a whole lot more of varied link building.
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