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I've had 4 pending applications since the 28th of June and they still havn't been approved/declined. is it normal for the process to take this long?
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    Yes, it's pretty normal. Some advertisers are very picky about who they choose. Sometimes they have many applications, and sometimes they just take time to go through yours.
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    yes, it is completely normal as some advertisers approve instantly and some take time to approve.. So You just need to wait for the approval....
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    and some programs are on hold not accepting more affiliates at the time.
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    Most advertisers on CJ will auto reject or completely ignore your application if you have no earning history at all. I applied to tons of them, but since I had never earned anything on CJ most ignored me.

    If you have a good site that gets traffic, your best bet it to reach out to the affiliate manager for that offer directly over email and explain why you want to be an affiliate for them.

    If you have a questionable site (autoblog, site that gets very little traffic, uses tricky redirects to get traffic, etc), you need to make some money on CJ first. GoDaddy seems to autoapprove everyone on CJ, so sign up for that. Make some offers here on the forum or anywhere else and give people something for free or pay them to use your link to buy on Godaddy. Yeah, technically probably against the terms, but if you have a questionable site, you probably don't care.
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    I've always had success by personally emailing the affiliate manager and telling them a little bit about my history outside of CJ, how I plan on marketing the offer/company, and a little other info so they know its not just a mass blast email and I've generally gotten approved on 70% this way.
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