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by James-
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Hi all,

I am using Market Samurai to determine whether or not a keyword is worth going after. I have attached an image of the top 10 that i would be competing with.

These results are based on 'Yahoo Site Explorer' - I have a few questions that i would like to be answered please:

1. Should i be checking backlinks based on 'Yahoo Site Explorer' or 'Magestic SEO'

2. What is the difference between a Google backlink, Bing backlink and Yahoo backlink? I am more interested in the last 2 here, i don't understand why one site has 1800+ bing backlinks yet only has 34 yahoo ones? It has been my experience that it is usually always yahoo only backlinks i receive.

3. If i built a site with an EMD and top on-page SEO, how hard would it be to rank first for this term?

Thanks all,
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    1. Should i be checking backlinks based on 'Yahoo Site Explorer' or 'Magestic SEO'
    I always use Yahoo Site Explorer. Never heard of magestic seo...

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    • Judging by the image you supplied, it looks like it would be extremely easy to rank for that keyword. So easy in fact that I would wonder how many searches it gets each month?

      I personally use Yahoo Explorer. Overall, I would say there is very little competition for this keyword. If it gets decent traffic, and has an adwords cost per click of at least $1, then you're all set to go.
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    The competition looks really easy so I would go for it assuming it gets a decent amount of traffic.

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    FYI, the keyword gets searched around 1900 times a month locally (US), and has a CPC of 62p, (so around $1)

    Although i believe ranking on the first page will not be difficult, i am concerned by first and 2nd place, which i will need to claim to be worthwhile.

    The 2nd position is the official site for the product I will be promoting, it has good PR and over 6k backlinks for page showing. Top position, is simply the same site but with a more relevant URL, but has hardly any backlinks to the page.

    Do you think it will be easy to overtake these top 2, i am not so sure.

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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