Panda kills Unique Article Wizard?

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Is UAW still working in light of Google's Panda update? Is it worth investing in UAW?
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    I dont think so...
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    UAW is super time consuming from the results you actually get. If you are interested in a few other networks that work you can PM me but I don't want to waste space on this thread.
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    Originally Posted by Abruzzo Villas View Post

    Is UAW still working in light of Google's Panda update? Is it worth investing in UAW?
    Well, I did contact Unique Article Wizard concerning that issue. Here is how they responded.

    Its true that the Panda update did affect quite a bit in our industry but certainly not in a negative way. It simply trimmed the fat and got rid of a bunch of spam and scam sites. We do see some fewer submissions but the overall quality has gone up. Google is well aware of our practices and has left us pretty much unscathed by the Panda update, which is good. It means they like what we're doing.
    I would say that, it's clear that it UAW can still be effective as far as link building is concerned.
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    Its really all about GOOD content, Google doesn't like hard to read and overly spun content. That's why its harder to get those links indexed and crawled in the first place.

    If you can distribute solid content that is readable, then just about any network will "do".

    Keep in mind though that some networks are better than others. Have you tried other networks aside from UAW yet?
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      Unique article wizard works better after panda update..

      they got rid of punch ugly sites, spam sites did a total clean house..

      than add in more quality sites...

      over all, we see great improvements...

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        For years I am using UAW and it has become more effective this year because of their recent updates. They are now offering lesser links but more relevant and quality ones.

        I am fond of creating micro niche sites and they are quite doing great. Super Solano Hair Dryer and Battery Operated Alarm Clock are just a few of my sites.

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    i think no
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    I don't use unique article wizard and I never worried about panda update because my SECRET SEO strategy never got effected by panda update and it gives me positive results all time.
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    I have not tried UAW, however, I have heard that it's good. I have used Build My Rank which i find to be very effective and have quite a qucik impact on my search rankings - sometime I see improvement in a few days. It's about the same price.

    Hello! :)

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      Panda didn't kill anything. Unless it had the power to take down
      sites and their hosting...which is unlikely.

      If you mean did their rankings on google drop due to panda?

      No. Their rankings dropped because of the mindset of a
      site owner.

      Articles have been dying for years. Those that noticed this,
      got out of that game long ago.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I just bought Article Marketing Robot and The Best Spinner lately in replacement for Unique Article Wizard, so far so good, the best combination software I ever had.
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    Not sure if UAW is unique. So they claim to have got rid of spam sites. They had over 19000 websites where articles are being submitted to. How many in their database now? If they cleaned out the spam sites and say had about 1000 sites which accept articles that is still content duplicated.

    Even if there are 3 versions of the articles it is not as effective. For example if your site was amongst the list on the UAW database to accept articles, you will find after a couple of days the articles are duplicated on many sites if searched on Google. Although it may help marketers with backlinks and increase the Google serp, but from experience if you accept articles to be submitted from UAW on your site it is still duplicate content. Your site will not rank regardless of the amount of backlinks you have. It worked last year but recently, there is a negative effect now. Also, some people claiming 'duplicate content is a myth' may change their minds now.

    I realise most folks here only use UAW for backlinks only but they have a wp plugin which i used to use, but not sure now.
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    From what I have read/seen/analyzed, uaw is the only service that still provides effective seo results, those who went white hat and sticked to white h link building techniques survived panda. However those who only used or most of the time link forum profiles and scrape box plus xrumer plus seonuke plus any other crappy link building method got whacked by the "bears" , yes bears, cause it's not like 1 spider is being sent out to detect and kill spam like sites, there are thousands maybe even millions of pandas beating the shaaaait out of auto content generation sites, link farms, scrapers, and stuff like that, however every now and then a legit not very old site gets hurt in the crossfire, for those wanting to quit, don't , I survived and reco, then hit again, then reco, just please google and you'll be fine. I slided a bit away from topic, article marketing ain't black hat even Matt Cutts the search genius taking care of the spammed web recommended article marketing as a way to promote and grow your sites audience, so if you practice am and you do it accordingly you'll succeed! But the Question is still alive, is UAW still the best?
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    Just to add sumtin else to the mix big brands do Article Marketing they send out pr's erry time they need to let people know and to create link backs to get high search positions
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