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Hi how can i check my blog page position for my keywords i have some sites i know are online but i cannot find them
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    go to advance search and change results per page to 100 then enter kw and click search
    when the results page appears click (ctrl+f) a small bar will appear in the bottom of the page
    enter the site name without http and www , and if you didn't find it in the first 100 results , search in the 2nd page
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      wow very very cool thanks!!!!
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      it seems like the results are a bit different than if i check with 10 results is at 6 place ,when i check with 100 results is at 9 place
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      Thanks for the tip, never heard of this
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    If you are using firefox, use private browsing feature. so the results will not be customized
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    Rank Checker from SEObook, as has been said a million times on this forum already. Use the Search feature...
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    Firstly open Your Search Engine And Put Your Keyword On Find Tab And Search The Keyword And Push F3 And This Process Show Your Keyword If It's Rank In Search Engine.

    I Hope You Are Satisfied With My Little Suggestion.
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    Yep, why bother do it by hand? How many keywords you got? I use Rank Tracker, it's really fast. It also allows you to set different parameters, like "keyword", [keword] and stuff. There is a free version available
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    First time to heard of this rankchecker. I only check manually in scroogle. I will check out your helpful suggestions fellow warriors, it might make my life easier.

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    you can check your blog page position through online search engine ranking position checker. Try SEO Rank Checker free version and it's available online for free cost.
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