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I was hit by the Google Slap! Started a campaign and had almost 500 clicks in 24 hours, then Google Slapped me and says I have low quality content. I switched to a new domain with several pages and plenty of content, but I continue to have the "low quality content" slap.
How long does Google keep you in the corner?:confused:
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    Originally Posted by mrdanderson View Post

    Google Slapped me and says I have low quality content.
    Does google really told you this?

    Most of the time google don't tell what was the problem I guess, you're very lucky if they advice you about this because you have the chance to correct your mistake
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    Your keyword needs to be in the ad, ad description and landing page. Keep your adgroups as small as possible and you will see instant change.

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    For your own future reference, threads regarding Adsense, PPC and SEO should be started here:

    Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum
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    Here is what GOOGLE says:

    - Use specific keywords.
    Effective keywords are relevant to your products and accurately reflect
    the content of your website. The more closely your ad relates to your
    keywords, the more likely a user is to click on your ad.
    This not only increases the number of potential customers reaching your site, but it also increases your clickthrough rate (CTR) and Quality Score, and therefore reduces the CPC required to maintain your position.

    Thomas (Dave) Anderson

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    what kind of content did you have on your page. I am just starting up my first blog and really dont want to get hit with this as Im planning on using google traffic as my main source
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    Your landing page must contain relevant content to the search term or your quality score will be negatively affected.

    #1- Include a relevant title

    Within the <title></title> tags on your web page, you should include the keywords that were used in the search query. If someone typed in "fix golf swing" and came to your web page, your title should include "golf swing" and ideally the exact phrase.

    #2- Relevant Headlines

    Headlines, in particular ones that are larger text or are included within the <h1> tags should be highly relevant and include the keywords from the search query.

    #3-Relevant Content

    Google searches the content within your webpage as well as the header and title. The content should be relevant to your title and content anyways, because if your trying to just optimize your website for Google, then you may be "missing the boat" on your actual customers. The higher the relevance, the higher the conversions -- never overlook this fact.

    Also I add my keywords dynamically to my landing page with Dynamic Page Optimization (DPO). You can do this with PHP or JavaScript depending on your server.
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      Dont forget <meta> keywords and content. These also impact your quality score.
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    Are sure that you are getting a slap? Maybe you have loose lots of back links.
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