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Hello warriors, this is a huge article I wrote for my blog and I though that this information might be helpful for you. I really hope that this would be helpful for some of you.

Link building is one of the most import things in search engine optimization and yet many people lack understanding and knowledge on how to do it. More and more often I see SEO companies advertising their services. However, if you are like I was back when I was starting out, you probably don't want to risk your money on a site that might not work out. And you know what - you really don't have.

And that's where you and I are similar and I really respect the fact that you are not giving up and trying to find a magic solution. Because the magic solution is you, your ability to learn from others and then apply it.
In this article I will try to help you to the best of my knowledge and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Link Building is not the only thing you have to do in order to get good search engine rankings but it is one of the essentials. I will try to cover everything on how to do SEO in "How To SEO" series but this article is about building links.So lets get started.
Before beginning the tips though for the real newbies you have to know that in order for Google to count a link pointing to your site it has to be "do follow". Search engines use spiders(the thing SE's use to find your posts) to crawl your webpages, and there are special commands these spiders respond to. If a webmaster adds rel='nofollow' to his outbound links spiders won't follow them and you won't get link juice.
There are many ways to find if a site allows 'do follow' links I personally have a Firefox plugin that does it for me it's called Swooty SEO. However, there are many other tools and you just have to search for them. I believe SEObook has a plugin that does this but I'm not sure.
Now that you know that...
9 Free Tips On How To Build Links:

Link Building Tip #1: Get Profile Backlinks:
What is Profile link building?
This is creating profiles on various websites (forums,social networks,web 2.0) which allow do follow links. Google has a little thing called Page Rank which they give to websites. The bigger the page rank the better quality the link is. When you create a profile in a high PR (4,5,6,7) website at first your page will have no PageRank. But because of the way link juice works profile backlinks are counted as high quality. I can't explain everything in this article because if will became huge and no one will read it, so if I will probably write another post in this topic.
Where to find High PR Profile Backlinks?
YouTube.com - Create a profile in YouTube, and in your profile write your website url. I believe this is the only place where YouTube allows do follow backlinks to external sources.
Identi.ca - create a profile there and put your link. Join some related groups so you get some link juice.
Tattoo.com - create a profile and in the "about me" section you can put your link in HTML.
Colourlovers.com - create a profile and in the BIO section you can put your link.
The way you find such websites is through Google. You can use the search string "Powered by <something>" and you will find websites running a specific platform (a forum for example - vBulletin). Make sure the site you are registering has at least PR3 and allows do follow links. The way I do it is through the Firefox plugin I mentioned earlier but you can find other alternatives.
I know that there are people selling backlink packages and many people have given good reviews for Paul's and Angela's backlink services. They are actually quite cheap so if you have the funds you can buy them if not you can always search yourself.
How To Index Profile Backlinks?
Profile backlinks are all good but in order for search engines to recognize your links they have to first find and possibly index them. I know that few people have even sold books on this subject but it's so simple I think it's pure robbery.
1. As you create your profiles, save their url's into a text file.
2. Go to http://www.links2rss.com/ and paste the links there. Follow the instructions there and create your feed.
3.Upload it to your website.
4.Go to http://www.pingfarm.com/ and paste all the links from the text file and RSS url. Ping them all.
These are the basic steps, there are even more secure ways to make sure your articles will get indexed but I won't go into much detail now. This way you are at least informing search engines for your profiles.
Next subject...
Link Building Tip #2: Software Websites
I am not really familiar with this method as I haven't used it myself but I know that this is a really good link building strategy. Many people create toolbars, and simple softwares and then submit them to Software Download websites (such as downloads.com) and they get a high pr backlink.
How to do it?
There are softwares for distributing your program to large numbers of sites but as I haven't used it myself I can't really help you here. However, search around and I am sure you will find some information.
How To Create The Software?
Your software can be a really simple exe file you don't have to be fancy programmer. Get to YouTube and watch some basic programming videos you will have a good exe file in and hour or two.
Link Building Tip #3: Statistics Websites
When this was discovered it was a big breakthrough. Basically the idea is that there are literally thousands of statistics websites (sites which give certain information about a website, like whois data) and you submit your site to them.
The downside is that you can only use it on full domain names. For example mydomainname.com . But you can't use this on subdomains,pages or posts on your site.
This method is a great indexer if your website hasn't been index yet. Apart from indexing it's a quick way for getting your website noticed by search engine spiders or building some links.
I can guess what you are asking yourself, how to find these sites... Well don't worry because since this method popped up many people made scripts and software's to do it automatically.
The website http://www.indexkings.com/ is a sister site of pingfarm.com and pings your url to 60 websites. I also have a little software that I downloaded from a forum which pings a site to 3000 places but I'm not sure if I can share it. If anyone wants it contact me through skype and I will send it to you.
Link Building Tip #4: Article Directories
This is a very popular way of getting not only backlinks but visitors as well. Because of the fact that articles on aged high PR article directories rank extremely well on SERP's many people build backlinks directly to their article in order to get high positions in Google. However, this has some bad side effects:
  • You don't have full control over the site.
  • You don't get much benefit in the long term.
Aside from this, a benefit of article directories is that when other webmasters publish your article you get extra backlinks.
There's also a thing called Article Marketing where you use only articles directories to earn money online. In fact that's the way I made my first money. I was a so called "Bum" marketer - I didn't want to spend money for a website so I created a squidoo lens with a review of a product, published some articles on ezinearticles.com and after just a few days I made my sale.
What Article Directories Do You Recommend?
Personally I publish only in 3 place:
  • ezinearticles.com
  • goarticles.com
  • articlebase.com
I don't do it so much for link building but for more visitors.
There is a software called Article Marketing Robot which submits your article to around 5k article directories. I have only tried the trial few weeks ago and it was a pain in the neck (at least for me) so I let it go but I will surely buy the full version because I see some great reviews of this little software.
But hear me - I am not saying that I recommend it, I haven't used the full version. Read some other reviews and try the trial and then decide if you'll buy it or not.
Aside from that you can again use Google if you need a bigger list for manual submission.
This article covers some good information. Some of the websites there are really what we call web 2.0 but nevertheless good info.
For more visitors, try to focus on quality not quantity. For more backlinks quantity is obviously more important.

For the rest of the article please see my blog post: http://onlinemoneytutor.com/9-free-t...ild-links-seo/
I hope that I haven't violated any rules and if this section is not the right one please some moderator move it.
I would really like to hear your opinions and maybe share some of the techniques you use to gain links. I know that there are many members who probably have more knowledge in this topic so I would be really happy if some of you commented.
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