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Hi Folks,

I just cannot seem to get my .edu's indexed! I have 36 links coming from 36 different sites....Any suggestions on how to get them indexed?

I have tried to build some links to them by bookmarking them, etc. No luck.

Also, they are contextual links on .edu blogs, not profiles or signatures.

Any thoughts are welcome!

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    check if the main domain is indexed in google if not then all other pages will not be indexed
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  • Also make sure that your .edu links are not profile links!! If they are, then they wont be getting index in Google.

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      Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback....

      Does anyone else have any suggestions?
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    Are you sure they are not getting indexed? Also, I had a hand full of edu and it took me about four weeks before I saw them indexed and I did everything you did and then gave up for a while. I think google does what google wants to do for the most part.
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    You should check three things before registering for profile backlinks.

    1- Always check the HTML code of one of the registered user profile to check
    if you see any "noindex" tag. If you found, give up the site.

    2- Check robots.txt file (if you can find them easily on the site) and check
    for "Disallow". If you saw that disallowed path is profile folder, give up the site.
    Robots.txt is usually in the root of the site: www

    3- Find the first user registered on that domain, find his or her profile, and paste
    the exact profile url into the google search box to see if it is indexed or any of
    the users have already indexed. If not, then give up the site.
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    When I think they only BackLinks ago PING Ping-o-Matic or
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