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I am working on my google adwords and encounter the following confusing questions and thanks in advance for all the help

For broad match, for example, I have a keyword LED bulb, shall I also have another keyword Car LED bulbs or LED bulbs?

Also shall I also have phrase match keyword "LED bulbs"

In my theory, the LED bulb in broad match will should already cover Car LED bulbs, LED bulbs as well as "LED bulbs" right?
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    its dependant on what the led lights are for if they cover cars , motorbikes etc you want them separated in to themed groups with relevant ads attached...

    led lights for cars, car led lights, led car lights etc etc

    motorbike led lights, led lights for motor bikes and use modified broad match not broad or phrase...start to then run search query reports and add commonly searched terms as exact matches. check out our blog and search post for modified broad match will explain everything

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