Need Suggestions on how to increase adsense rev.

by Bruha
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I have a site that is currently making just under $1 per day. It is

Any suggestions on how to increase adsense revenue on this site?

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    What I find helpful is using high-paying keywords. I think that ones based on credit are the most high paying ones. After doing this, my daily revenue has increased 120%-200%. For example:

    <meta name='keywords' content='college loan consolidation, school loan consolidation, federal loan consolidation, student loan consolidation center, student loan information, college loans, student loan consolidation, loan consolidation, mortgage loans, student loan refinancing, prequalify loan, secured loans, refinance mortgage, equity loan rates, equity loan, bad credit mortgages, capital one credit cards, bad credit mortgage, business credit report, credit consolidation, gm credit card, mbna credit card, car credit, credit report'>
    If you put that at the top of the page, most ads displayed will be based on credit, which pay better than most keywords. It takes 1 hour to 48 hours approx. for Google to crawl your site and update the advertisements.
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    Ad positioning and by getting more traffic.
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    actually klade, his website is about smart phones, so just placing credit keywords wont show alot of credit ads, plus he wont get clicks as his users are interested in smart phones and not credit issues.

    Work a lil bit on SEO make sure SER can read your page quite well, look for high paying keywords in your niche and use them, target a different Geo area... etc
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    Originally Posted by Bruha View Post

    I have a site that is currently making just under $1 per day. It is

    Any suggestions on how to increase adsense revenue on this site?

    I'm sorry but this type of niche is not making good... I had a verizon dsl blog and the CPC actually sucks... I closed it and changed with quit smoking and the revenue is 10x higher..
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    You may get less clicks, but (in my case), you'll still get more money. It was just a suggestion.
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      What kind of traffic levels are you getting? Low revenue may be due to a lack of traffic volume.

      I'm not sure I'd go for the credit meta tags as you don't have any credit content. If people are actually looking for smart phones they'll click on smart phone ads.

      Try adding some link ad units - you can have up to 3 on a page and I find they help to add revenue.
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    work on driving more traffic to the site. Sounds easy but traffic is the key with adsense in any niche.

    Write 10-20 articles and publish them at ezinearticles and some other top directories and your traffic should jump as well as your earnings.

    If you want higher earnings per click pick a niche like mortgages or other financial products.
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    Of course, if you try out credit ads/loan ads (whatever), and it fails, you could always try balancing them (trying to make some cell phone ads, and some credit ads). There are usually people who DO want to go to credit sites (or just want to help you o.O).
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    How much traffic are you getting per day?

    I have better success using just one ad block.

    Little things everyday...make BIG THINGS come my way!

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    So my stats for Dec. 2008 were as follows:

    2983 - unique IP's
    6509 pageviews
    3615 total visitors

    I made $24.52 this month with this site with adsense. My CTR is what I would consider ok as well, can't post because i know that is against the TOS. Hopefully earnings is ok.

    Visit my website at to learn more about how to make money online!

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    you need a better niche taking into account a 8% CTR per visitor that would give you a 3615 x .08 = 289.2 clicks 24.52/289.2 = .0847 per click.

    When i had my mortgage sites up i was getting $1.50-$2.50 on average. If you could apply the same stuff to a better niche like mortgage s you would be doing really well every month. Easily 300-600 per month.

    My adjustable mortgage site had 50 live article s pointing to it, 8 pages total and made me $10 per day on average from 30-40 visitors
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    wow! almost 3,000 uniques and only $25???

    Well, you've only got about 3 choices:

    1. You can try and filter out the sites that paying you a penny a click. Take a look at your ads and look at the URL to see who is advertising.
    I had a product site that wasn't doing much and I went into adsense and blocked some big companies from advertising on my blog. People like Walmart, Target, etc...

    2. You can drive more traffic.

    3. You can dump your site and try a making a higher paying niche.

    have you experimented with different ad units and placements??

    Little things everyday...make BIG THINGS come my way!

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    I find using a good meta description helps
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    If I will you, I will turn off other ads to avoid distraction. That's what I did to my own site. When a site is serving adsense, I'll not add any other affiliate link. The only outbound link is the adsense ads.
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    i have got adsence ads on my blog and the adds on the sub pages come up with relevent ads for my content. that is good, but the main page just comes up with ads relevent to blogs which have nothing to do with my content.

    How do i change it so that my main page adsence ads come up with on topic information????

    Please help me.


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    get more traffic and also ad placement
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    increasing ad revenue means increasing visitors which means increasing your ranking in the google............
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    @Bruha - what is your main source of traffic.

    Also try testing out a different color to green for the url in the ad blocks.

    Targeting high paying niches with the right keywords can = more revenue from less visitors, but you do need targeted traffic that converts well for the advertisers...

    - Dean
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