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I think that Google is playing some tricks to finish SEO as an industry on large scale. They are introducing variables which SEOs cannot manipulate. For example every regional search engines based on the country have different search results than Similarly if someone is logged in its google account he will see different results according to its own activities.
Search results also depends upon your browser cache and you will see the totally different results of some keywords than the original results depending upon your browsing history.
With so much variables and even more are going to be introduced do you think SEO's will have much to do in future to control the search results.

I think may be i am also missing some very basic point if this is the case than kindly let me know so that I can think in the right direction
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    Guess you are right in that.
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      Originally Posted by Bomtik View Post

      Guess you are right in that.
      So how do you see SEO in future

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        Originally Posted by umrbd View Post

        So how do you see SEO in future
        Seo has always worked and will always work. That doesn't mean that it will be the same. In the future SEO may not be about a mass amount of quality backlinks like it is now. But it may be more about the content (which some people say it is now, but i kind of disagree.)

        Seo will constantly be changing, but once Google rids seo from the webmasters, that's when the webmaster's will quit putting out quality content, because they have no chance of getting ranked.
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          Nothing weird and what's new? There's nothing new in any variables from different people
          searching from different locations. Nothing. Google has always done that.
          Why would you think anything different?

          The SEO talked about here most of the time here is for generic traffic from
          Not cornering the market for Nigerians seeking generators.

          But if you want to corner that market, get a Nigerian based website with
          a extension, and maybe in a Nigerian language. If that sounds "weird," well,
          now we know where you're coming from.


          If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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            I think there is a skewed view of SEO and what it means. Obviously the job is to rank on Google however your main concern should not be false additions to your web presence, instead it should be to create a user experience that yields a result for their inquiry. Providing a search result that stops them from searching anymore. Google will always need this to sell their ads, otherwise the party is over.
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    This is very true. In the end, Google has a very clear motive in mind - the best possible search for users.
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    Google can try to end SEO all it wants, but it's going to have a hell of a time doing that. The need some way to rank sites quantitatively and SEOs will continue to exploit that.
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    All of these customisable features based on history and preferences have to start somewhere. SEO will just need to strive to present websites at the top in the first instance so they are accessed and saved as preference or history.

    If Joe Bloggs goes and buys his first computer, hooks it up to the internet for the first time and searches he is not going to have any cookies or history or cache. Apart from regional who is he going to see first? hopefully me in the "natural results" then hopefully if my site gives him what he wants his history and preferences will include it and he will be presented it even more promenantly in the future not less as implied in the OP.

    Google strive to give the best results for users right? So optimise your site to be the best result for users. Simples??

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    SEO will always work, at its core principles.

    Google wants to direct its customers to sites that provide the greatest value to them in the least amount of time, because then the customers will continue using Google and be subject to their ever-present advertising messages.

    All you have to do to get great rankings by Google is to have sites that are on subjects that people really are interested in AND provide great value on your sites to the searchers.

    Again, this will never change, unless Google stops caring about pertinent results, which isn't likely.

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    Over 90% of Google's revenue comes from paid advertising so it's hard to argue against this point. We just need to keep on serving up quality content and sites but who knows what the future will bring.

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    Seo needs to be changed a lot by following google.It is an interesting battle.
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    I have seen matt cutts is always helping SEOs to achieve the good results in a very organic way and by telling what Google likes and what dislikes. Does that mean actually Google don't hate SEOs besides they want people to do organic and ethical SEO?

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