Is That a Hacker Knocing My WP Site!

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I was checking stat press stats of one of my WP site. At the 'Spy' tab of stat press I noticed an IP ( of Seoul, checked some of my pages that are unusual. Stat press has given urls like this:


I do not have any idea what these signifies but suspect that may be a hacker trying to prob my site. If that is the case what should I do? How to protect the site? I know basic WP but not an expert by any means.

Only protection I have, WP version of the site is the latest one and username is not 'admin'.

Need some knowledge and advise in this regards

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    I started using CloudFlare it's great for better security on WP sites...try it out
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      Originally Posted by MTLSEO View Post

      I started using CloudFlare it's great for better security on WP sites...try it out
      CloudFlare can most certainly help add an additional security layer to your site. A couple of quick of things:

      1. Make sure you're using the most recent version of WordPress (they recently did an update). While you mentioned updating to the most recent one, I don't know you're actually using the most recent version.
      2. I would probably check with your host to make sure you don't have any malicious files on the site (just to be safe).

      Does your site cater to visitors from that region? If not, there are ways of blocking traffic from that region as well (.htacess, etc.).
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    That doesn't look too good to me. Here's an article that described the security steps I took after one of my client's sites was hacked:

    WordPress Security: Not Just About WordPress | WealthyDragon


    WealthyDragon - Earning My Living Online
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    remember to change your password monthly...
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    I checked out that link. Some good stuff in there.

    If you're a newbie to WordPress or working with websites online, this can probably help a lot with its tips on security.
    Always Interested in Hearing About Cool SEO Tools and Useful WP Plugins via threads or PMs.

    Interested in Social Media Tools and Content for The Local Marketing Expert clients.
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