Your AdSense Secrets?

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I just stared using Google Adsense a few weeks ago and so far I really like this ad program compared to every other I have tried.

I would like to know what your secrets are for making good money with AdSense?

What have you learned from using AdSense since you started?
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    I've been using adsense for about 2 years. I like it for the most part. For me, I've found that picture ads make me the most money when placed right above my content (before the fold) and that text ads work the best on the side bars or in my top navigation bar.

    Be sure to optimize your ads as well. I went a whole year before I knew about optimizing my ads. (learned this from a video by Lisa from 2createawebsite) Once I optimized my ads my profit double. I still cringe at the money I was losing, but hey, you live you learn!

    Good luck!
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    ^ could you please explain how to "optimize" ads?
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    I have learned a lot of on site SEO and CTR, and choose keywords, and the list really is endless.
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    My secrets that aren't really secrets would be Clickbump Engine, Scott's Jumpstart plugin, and Keyword Sniper Pro. They helped create, mold, and drastically enhance my entire Adsense portfolio, if you will. This of course is in regards to micro niche sniper sites.
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    You can learn more about adsense by buying some adsense ebook.

    Here is an answer for your thread title question, Adsense Secrets. I'm associated or affiliated with this product. I just recommend this because it works for me.
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    My adsence secret is putting my ads on correct position of a website and write on high paying keyword.
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