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can someone explain what is the different between white hat vs black hat.
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    Originally Posted by thetoadjd View Post

    can someone explain what is the different between white hat vs black hat.
    Blackhat = deceiving, automation, sometimes illegal
    Whitehat = legitimacy, hand done, always abiding by rules
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    Black hat seo is the unethical way to get top ranks.Black Hat SEO is against search engine guideline and its braking the rules of internet web sites and White Hat SEO is the method of writing the content on a web site its also filed and indexed by a search engine and helpful to get higher ranking to your web site.Its also within all the rules and regulations of search engines.
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    The white hat approach is basically a legit method of doing seo and marketing. You wouldnt use automation softwares to make you money by spamming and cheating the system. Follow the fundamentals of what search engines tell you. Black hat is a way to spam and try to make quick cash with no long term success

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    here we go again, theres like a new thread like this everytime i visit here haha

    white hat = all non artificial stuff, aka organic......but how would you know if that is really organic? just like your bath soap that claims to be organic

    black hat = you wont really find the real meaning of it here on this forum.

    These guys are experts. You know those spam you get from your comments on your blogs, forums, emails, groups, facebook and wherever else you get them? Check if they are ranking, dissect those links and youll see why these guys can make sites rank in 2 days or less....and there seems to be no possible way for you to put links on where they got the links.

    good luck

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    White hat seo is where you obey the search engine rules and do not use manipulative methods which would be against their TOS. Basically original content and natural links would be white hat.

    Black hat is where you disobey any rules which will be productive to your temporary search engine success. Black hats will use any means at their disposal to gain rankings and because of that they tend to get caught after a while. That is why most good black hats recycle domains frequently and keep restarting new ones to keep the money flowing.
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      White hat is manual link building, black hat is link building using automation. And as far as i know any link building you do to gain google rankings is against Google rules. White or blackhat. Unless your visitors link to your site naturally.
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