Do Digg Votes affect Google ranking?

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Hi all,

Quick question for you:

Do Digg votes affect Google ranking? i.e. if I have a YouTube video ranking in Google, will having more Digg votes boost it's Google ranking?

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    Hi StevieJK,

    While there may be no direct impact on SERP from Digg votes, there certainly may be a significant indirect influence. More Digg votes can lead to more targeted traffic, which begets more natural backlinks, all of which influences SERP ranking.

    As a general rule, anything that promotes targeted traffic will have, at the very least, an indirect influence on SERP rankings.
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    If they are votes made in the digg site itself may not have impact on ranking.
    But if those votes come from different people digging your site, that will help, since every time your site or page or article of your site is digged, a new page with a backlink to your site is created.
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    Well, social sites are, and will affect rankings. We have google one, facebook, twitter... Digg? Who knows
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    Digg is a very good place to get some traffic...
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    Does Social Media Affect Your Google Rankings? Well, it seems that everyone I’m connected with in the SEO arena has a different opinion about this right now,but social networking like digg is better way ti get more traffic
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