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I want to know that Does social bookmarking really helps in the promotion of website. My friend told me that social bookmarking only increases the website traffic.
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    Social bookmarking definitely helps with promoting your websites. Your friend is right that they can increase your traffic. Bookmarking alone won't move you site up the rankings in google too much, unless it's a very uncompetitive keyword. But social bookmarking can also be used to help get your articles you submit to directories indexed in google and give them a little more link juice.
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    Absolutely social bookmarking is great source of traffic if done properly!
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      Social bookmarking helps if you are focused on the relationship aspect of things. But as far as serps movement, not much.

      However, as you build a good relationship with others through your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, etc. you can get a lot of referral traffic coming your way as a results of your "connections"
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    Social bookmarking helps to increase your website traffic and ranking of a website. some social bookmarking have lots of traffic and you can get five visitor from every submission like stumble upon, delicious and digg. I use these website regularly.
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  • yes, definite social bookmarking are promotional activities in SEO.

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    yeah it does, but it will not help you much
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    thanks guys some of my doubt is cleared up I was having for social network marketing Now I will take this seriously I think i was loosing a good part of traffic by not using this earlier.
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    yeah social bookmarking helps you to promote your website by increasing traffic to your site but it is one of the some techniques of promotion of your site...... so to promote your site at top ranks u need to work on other SEO techniques too....
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    there are so many things to do to increase traffic to your website and yes, social bookmarking is one of it- even if it just increased traffic there might be the one or other who sticks with you and you get seen what is important for your brand building. The other point is - it´s so easy to do so why miss this chance of getting traffic

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    An online business can enhance the visibility of the products and services it offers by adding its website to many well-known social bookmarking sites and tagging it using relevant and high traffic keywords.
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    social bookmarking is also helps to improve your keyword ranking on different search results and index your pages very fast
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    Social bookmarking is indeed a vital tool to get ranked high, but make sure always to post your link with some interval
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    I always social bookmarking my sites with succes. It gives my sites the first push
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    Social Bookmarking absolutely helps to increase the traffic and ranking on your site.
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    Social Bookmarking helps to get traffic and gets your web pages indexed faster, that too if bookmarking is done properly and you can also make your network on bookmarking sites.
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    Yes, Social Bookmarking helps in promotion, You can target your keywords in social bookmarking an promote them, Share to many friends after that you got huge hits on that, so your link will promote.
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    Yes mate, your friend is right. social bookmarking give initial support to improve your rankings in major search engines. if you have strong ranking positions then you will get great number of traffic. great number of traffic will generate more inquires for your services or product.

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    Of course there is only way I can say. Bcz cent % visitors from social...
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  • I believe that Social Bookmarking is still helpful in website promotion. I can tell you why it is important. First of all do some social bookmarking in high PR good sites. Then check the Google Webmasters Tools Backlink report. you will find many social bookmarks which you submitted in the report.

    Yes, you are getting right, It is a good source of backlinks and as we all know backlinks is a major ranking factor in search engines rankings. Thus it is helpful in getting backlinks (ultimately increasing ranking). One more thing,
    as your friend told you it is a good source for getting referral traffic.

    Bookmark your site regularly in High PR Sites and get better ranking and traffic.
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    Social bookmarking is a part of link building. So definitely it will help you in promoting your site.
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    Social bookmaking is good way to create back links. It helps to promote your website. It increases Traffic on website. Also it helps to increase Ranking in Search Engines.
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