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Hello everyone,

I am having 30+ microniche Adsense sites created & was planning on using the same Google Adsense account code for each site. Had a few questions about using Adsense and wanted to see if I could get some feedback.

1) Has anyone run into any issue with using the same Adsense account and leaving a big footprint? Is there any logical or reasonable strategy for getting around this if you're interested in creating a link network & still want to use Adsense to monetize?

2) How many websites are you allowed to have with one Adsense account?

3) Do they manually review your site if you start making over a certain amount in Adsense income?

4) Has anyone had any experience with having their Google Adsense accounts being banned? If so, for what reasons? Please share.

All help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :rolleyes:
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    Hi superdevo,

    I wouldn't worry about 30 small websites on one account. If you feel the need to open more accounts you can form a separate legal corporate entity for each account, but I don't see the need for 30 micro niche websites.

    There is no limit that I am aware of for how many websites you may have under a single account.

    They do indeed manually review all of your websites before your first payment is ever sent, and periodically after that.

    There seems to be many folks on this forum that have had their accounts suspended and have been personally barred from the program. There are many reasons and they all boil down to violations of AdSense policies or poor maintenance of their website or poorly selected traffic sources. Learn the policies and guidelines and stay well within them.

    My advice would be to build the best sites you are able to build, avoid trying to get away with minimal compliance as Google will occasionally raise their standards. If your websites are just over the line of minimal requirements and Google decides to move the line, you lose it all in one instant. For this very reason Google deliberately will not tell you exactly where they draw the line.

    If you are the type of person that tends to push the limits of what you can get away with, AdSense is not for you, it will end badly, trust me on this.
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      JMO but if you're trying to create a link network you don't want to put anything on your "linking network" that can tie them to your money sites (Adsense, Analytics, similar affiliate programs, even your name and address, use private registration, etc.) To create a link network would be expensive because you'll need UNIQUE IP numbers, not the IP addresses webhosts sell for a buck a piece. It might be more cost effective to use what's available.
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