Is a PR0 Blog of any use?

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I am thinking about starting my own blog using something like Blogger and creating high quality posts that are very relevant to my website and then linking back to it regularly. Will such a blog be of any use to me if no one actually goes there and there are few links to it?
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    Originally Posted by easyrider7 View Post

    I am thinking about starting my own blog using something like Blogger and creating high quality posts that are very relevant to my website and then linking back to it regularly. Will such a blog be of any use to me if no one actually goes there and there are few links to it?
    If your question is IM related then you make zero sense.

    How are you going to make money If you have zero traffic? :rolleyes:
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    OK, you create a Blogger blog with links to your site. No one goes to the Blogger site and no one links to that site. And your question is whether or not that would useful. Seems pretty easy, no. Why not spend the time you would on the Blogger blog getting real links from blogs that are important in your field. Now, that would in fact have value.
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    I am basing my question on the fact that Google values good, relevant content. So if the blog actually contains quality content that is relevant to my website would it provide useful links to my website? I am finding that although most of my links are PR0 forum posts like this (which are of the lowest quality) I am still moving up the search rankings for my keywords. So PR0 does not necessarily mean zero value links. Thoughts?

    PS. To yukon, I was assuming zero traffic to the blog, NOT to my website. I only intended for the blog to give me relevant links to my website. But if I have to get the blog to rank for it to be of any use to me, then I am only creating another step for myself (unless I blast the blog with hundreds of paid high PR backlinks and then leverage off this).

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    As long as the amount of links increases it should be useful.
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    well it won't be useful at the beginning but if your blog gets a little help from you and maybe ranks well for any keyword then it would be useful, especially for the fact that blogger blogs are liked by google and sometimes untouchable
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    If your blog have 0 pr and your traffic is good.If your traffic it good so after some time you can get PR.SO focus on your traffic.
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      There is a use for any type of webpage. As long as what you are talking
      about is indexed and counted.

      You have a PR0 blog. You make a relevant post about a topic and link
      to a dot com. As long as that post gets indexed, you have a potential
      backlink for the dot com. Wash, rinse, repeat.

      Anything published and indexed is worth something.

      Obviously, over time, you must enlarge the footprint.

      You have to start somewhere. Everyone here who started a blog
      start with a PR n/a blog and no traffic.

      If you plan on doing nothing with the blog, one post, no linking, no
      nothing, then the value will be accordingly.

      The best way to work it, for me anyway, is I tie a blog and a dot com.
      The dot com links to the blog and vice versa. Believe it or not,
      the PR should grow a little just by internal and cross linking.

      The usefulness, even with no traffic, is that you build a little empire
      of backlinks. Can't hurt your rankings.

      It may sound strange, but a site with virtually no traffic, but still
      indexed and crawled, is certainly worth something if you have links
      on it.

      IMHO, if you interlink the blog to the dot com, there is no way it
      cannot get at least some traffic.

      But traffic is irrelevant if you get backlinks to sites that do get traffic,
      and matter most.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I think PR 0's are good, definitely better than NO PR at all (there is a difference). Obviously, the older the site - the better as well.

    Just focus on QUALITY content, on page SEO, and QUALITY off page SEO as well to build up traffic, content and eventually rankings and more PR

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    traffic is the life of a blog...if you blog have excellent article but no one is reading it then whats the point...
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    It'll increase in PR over time whether you have links or not.
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    I would say Yes!
    A blog with zero PR is good if it has quality content... Your prime focus should be delivering good user experience.
    Once you build up a good reputation as a blogger, you will be less concerned with PR. Because PR can't get you traffic and conversion.

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    If you want to earn from that blog then it would be useless if there are no traffic going to that blog site however if your purpose is to create links to your other website then this could definitely help build your sites link structure. Just make sure that you post quality contents and use keywords as your anchor text.
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    If you are building links from a PR0 blog for traffic generation, you are just wasting your time.

    If you are building links from a PR0 blog for ranking your website, it will definitely help.
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    Hi easyrider7,

    Does it help? Perhaps just a little. But why would you do that? It won't help any more than simply adding that exact same content as new pages on your main website.

    It makes since to start a blog, as long as you intend to promote targeted traffic to that blog, otherwise it serves no real purpose and adds no real value to you or your users. Search engines are not going to treat that content any differently than they would if it was on your main website.

    If the blog has no traffic and no inbound links it has no significant link juice, therefor no significant SEO value. The exact same content on your own website might actually serve you better than that.
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