Submitting URL to directories

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I've notices that many

Submitting URL to directories

I've been analyzing my competition and noticed that a lot of them are listed with Free Directories. However, a lot of these directories require reciprocal links. When I went on the competitor's websites I did not see a link to those directories anywhere. Do my competitors just add directory to the website, have directory verify that the reciprocal link is there, and then remove directory link? How does that work?Am I missing something?

P.S. Does anyone have a list of Good Free Directories with high PR rank?
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    I use a directory submission software to handle all of that, and it works wonders for brand new sites for me. As for reciprocal links, you simply have to have a page on your website that links to all directories, BUT you don't actually have to link to the page of listings. So, create a page with all the reciprocal links, and then upload it, but don't link to it. As long as the software sees it's there, you're good to go.

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      what directory submission service do you use?
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    Hi DmitryP,

    I think what you are seeing are websites that populated their directory, when new, with a seed list. They may have few actual reciprocal links since they added most listings just to prime the directory with content.
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    I've been studying the essentials of submitting URLs to directory for around half of a year already. And as a result, it seems that directory submission is not really an ideal thing to do.

    "People who rely on just a couple of concepts, only shows how clueless they are."

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