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Hey guys,

I'm new here, so a big hello!

I'm looking to build links to one of my sites. The site in question doing really well, with 2 million members and great traffic. Though I'm nowhere near the biggest in my niche. Obviously I don't want to risk damaging the website using dodgy services.

I've always been really cautious about buying links. And it's ultimately held me back. I know my competitors are buying links and always have done. It's not harmed them one bit, two of them are top 500 sites in Alexa. So the competition is steep.

When I first started this site, I built links manually, contacting bloggers etc and I soon burned out and become sick of it. For the past two years, I've not actively built links and focused on developing the site. Now the site looks great and works brilliantly but traffic has remained pretty constant.

Though if I'm going to become number 1 in my niche, I need to begin investing in some services. But which ones? there are so many that make big bold claims and I'm a little overwhelmed.

I want to maintain my natural link profile. Links from blogs (posts, sidebars, footers), blog comments, directories, forums and of course be able to alternate my link text and target urls and do so at a steady rate.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm open to investing in to more than one service, actually I'm guessing I'll need several to ensure the link profile appears natural.
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    I'm using articleranks and so far I love it!

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    Thanks GGPaul, is this similar to buildmyrank? i.e monthly sub, submit articles with links to their network?

    I have in the past week signed up to buildmyrank, obviously too soon to see results.
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    You might look at hiring up some VAs in order to keep stuff natural if that's what you're looking for.

    You can use Scrapebox to scrape lists of blogs in your niche, then run that list through a mass PageRank check and keep everything PR 4 and above. Then set your VAs on those pages and get them to post relevant comments with the name link back to your site, or try and drop a link to your site.

    You can also use services like MyBlogGuest to find blogs that you can write articles for and post links back to your site. You can do some custom Google queries as well to find guest blogs looking for content.

    For getting sidebar or footer links you'll usually have to get into some kind of network and pay a monthly or yearly fee for those links. It can get pricey and if you stop paying, the links are gone so I generally keep away from these types of links.

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    i am using bmr and AR together. Although I am sure BMR is the strongest, AR does help to diversify the ip addresses which is good/
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    well you should search some freelancer on outsourcing sites like odesk ,freelancer for buy links .Or you can check hiring section of webmaster forums.

    Oh i forgot to tell one thing you can hire me too :p
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