Does buying an aged domain actually help?

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Hey guys hows it going?

Me and my friend got in an argument today all about seo and one of the things that he said i was wrong about was this:

I said- When creating a new site, if you buy a brand new domain it will take longer to rank in the search engines then buying an aged domain. It doesnt matter how old the domain is, as long as it has been indexed by google for more then 3 months, and you buy it, it will rank faster for you then buying a brand new domain.

He said i was wrong, so i want people to say what they think.

Please only reply if you have actually created sites on new domains, and on aged domains that you have purchased. If you havent actually done it yourself, please do not reply

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    According to Matt Cutts, domain age isn't a big factor at all:
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      Originally Posted by raxr View Post

      According to Matt Cutts, domain age isn't a big factor at all: ‪How much does a domain's age affect its ranking?‬‏ - YouTube

      Thanks for the reply, but i dont mean ranking overall in time. what i mean is will it take longer to rank in the search engines if you create a new site with a brand new domain vs. creating a new site and buying an aged domain?

      If anyone has anyone has any proof and an answer id love to hear it


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        Buying an aged domain does help, if it already has some links pointing to it (built by the previous owner) and pagerank.

        I buy quite a few aged domains so I'm not just guessing.
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    Although I have never bought an aged domain, I did buy a new domain that was ranked on the 1st page (#5) within 7 days for a keyword that gets 880 exact searches/month.
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    Matt Cutts says it isn't a big factor, but in my experience I have seen it helps me out a great deal. But if I had the choice, I would pick an EMD over an aged domain.


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    It only helps when the aged domain have some backlinks. Otherwise there is no difference between a new domain or an aged domain. However, you might wanted to buy catchy old domain. If you ask me, it does help in ranking because of backlinks and PR. Rest you can check the Matt Cutts video!

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      You should check out this very insightful video by Rand at SEOmoz: Age of Site and Old Links - Whiteboard Friday | SEOmoz.

      Should clear some things up in regards to this debate. It's important not to confuse correlation with causation...aged domains don't cause higher rankings, their just correlated with them because they've been established over time. But a bigger factor is the acceleration or growth of any particular domain than anything. I've had a brand new domain shoot up in rankings for extremely competitive keywords because of the branding, and other factors.

      In short:

      "But I would actually say that if you produced a site today and could accomplish all the things that a site that is ten years old has done, you would actually outrank them. The reason is because you've earned those links, that reputation, and that brand faster, and therefore your acceleration rate is much greater."
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    The aged domain is a big advantage. Especially when it comes to competitive niches. It will be very hard to go against the old established websites with missing this factor. It might be that it is not the biggest factor, however it is one very important piece in the puzzle. You can compare the value with the "Keyword in URL" factor, which is not considered to be very important but helps a lot when you have it.
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    My experience shows having an aged domain is a positive factor.
    Every time I put a new content in an aged domain, it will find its
    route to get on the first page or second page without of even less
    effort or building backlinks.

    This is not the case for new domains. You will be challenging with
    getting indexed, getting sandboxed, and then you get a very unstable
    search rank which one day is in SERP and another day has gone completely.

    I think new domains are not getting penalized for being new, but aged domains
    have some sort of priority over the new domains.
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    "age" actually does not have significant value; the quality backlinks (and contents as well) do. if you bought an old domain residing on a parking page for last 10 years, it will unlikely boost your ranks.
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    Well, as far as the search engine factors are concerned, I believe that domain age is a big factor, this is because, with the age, domain gets noticed and thus accumulates some repute.. it would be unfair to say that preferring a new domain over an old domain, old domains are usually trustworthy..
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