How do I get better ranking?

by skyvia
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I have an older page on my site that does not get good ranking. How can I move it up in the SERPs. My site is a retail site so I don't want to get inbound links in the classic way. I do want to get it to rank well for it's main keyword.

Appreciate the help...
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    Well this not something which you can acquire over night, getting a keyword on first page is not easy.. First of all, optimize your website according to the guidelines, and make some quality back links.. this is a long term process,, patience is must..
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    Time taking process but once you get the traffice you can get better results for your sites.
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      Content is everything in SEO. Mr. Google loves the updated content & make your backlink on high PR site!
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    forum posting
    and directories submission is best way of increasing traffic of a website.
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    Update the content of page. Make sure that you write quality content. Create xml sitempa of website and submit in Google.

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      Hi all,

      I am giving some important tips to achieve better ranking:

      -Always add unique META descriptions to your pages.
      -Search-engine friendly urls will help you boost your page rankings if you use them the right way.
      -It is important to understand that a lot of SEO has to do with individual page optimization. You won't automatically have great rankings for all pages even if you have it for one. However, if you approach SEO at a holistic level, incorporating it in everything you do, the sum of all the factors will improve your general site visibility.
      -Indexing allows your website to be added to the search engines and is the first step to climbing their ranking positions.
      -Start building backlinks to your website - these are the in-bound or external links that point to your site -- by adding its url to relevant online directories, swapping links with partners.
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    Before going to struggle for high rankings you must analyze your site and figure out the spots where your site should be to get the relevant visitors. The page is a retail store now the question arises whether this store is dedicated to one region or its targeted clients are all over the world. If you are targeting a specific region than you need to target the local search engine so that you can drive relevant web traffic. To get the high ranking you must fulfill the requirements which search engines have from the sites which tends to rank high. You should Google the requirements because you need to study them in detail

    I am one of the TechKnowlogists

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    Use signature backlinks and/or high quality Web 2.0 websites for links.
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    This is the biggest questin in SEO and the answer is almost endless but any from 50 pages or 1 hour length video will be for starters in answering this question so I recommend you browse through WSO and find a very good SEO course that will answer this question for you.
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    I have been upgrading my content to my site recently and focusing more on higher ranking backlinks. This has drastically improved my SERP and getting me more targeted traffic. In the beginning, I was just looking at mass quantity now a bit more selective with better results.
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    I'd suggest optimize your content (On-page SEO) for the specific keyword. Keep the keyword density as 2-3 %. Since it's a retail page, I'd suggest that you hire someone writing PR and submit to PR directories. It works.
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    creat sitemap for the page,and build some quality backlinks
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    get some good quality contextual backlinks from high PR pages.
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    Content is the King ... Especially Original Contents
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    Content is the King ... Especially Original Contents
    yes. link is queen. when you create many back link you will more traffic and have better rank
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    Without seeing your site, and knowing certain factors about the page in question, it's harder to give specifics.

    However, I'll just go ahead and assume it's in need of general help.

    1. Check Your Content

    Any expert would tell you that it's critical to know your content is fully optimized by the use of keyword richness. Your keyword should be mentioned between 3-5% within your article.

    Also, using relevant synonyms is also a good practice.

    Your article should be around 500 words.

    2. Use H1 Tags

    Use your keyword in the title of the page as an H1 Heading. This helps the search engines quickly determine what your page is all about.

    3. Site Map

    The use of a site map is powerful and helps give relevance to your internal links for both Google and visitors.

    4. Page and Site Updates

    Regular activity for your pages and site in general is a good idea. Google recognizes this as a valuable contribution for the information it is looking for. Fresh content and unique content seem to stimulate Google bots when crawling your pages.

    5. Links

    Both inbound and external links are also key. Be sure you are linking to valid and relevant sites, and not just any old site that barely relates to your niche. In fact, it's better to have 20 relevant links, than to have 200 links to sites that have no correlation to your information and content.

    6. Socialize

    It's amazing how much traffic you can generate just by getting social. A Facebook fanpage can support you with traffic, free traffic, if you simply add a comment, picture, response, input of any relevant kind to your fans.

    Ezine Articles linking back to your site is a great method. That includes any of the reputable article marketing sites--but this takes time and effort, but doesn't have to be your time. This strategy can be farmed out/outsourced to a writer for a minimal fee.

    Just a few thoughts for you.
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    Before starting any SEO Campaign i would like to suggest you to change your meta title and description. Use your target keyword in meta tag for optimizing them. It will help you to get good result from search engine. Google and other search engine index your website page by using your meta tag details. Try this it will sure help for ranking high on search engine.
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    Basic things you can do now to improve your search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing are:
    Title tags - every page needs a unique and descriptive title tag.
    On-page content - every page needs unique, informative information that is easily read by spiders and humans alike.
    Links - every site needs a system for building links .
    Freshness of content - every site needs to keep their site regularly updated with fresh content that will bring humans and spiders back for more.
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    Create good on page put fresh content on your site and get good backlinks for your keywords then you can get the ranking
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    Originally Posted by skyvia View Post

    I have an older page on my site that does not get good ranking. How can I move it up in the SERPs. My site is a retail site so I don't want to get inbound links in the classic way. I do want to get it to rank well for it's main keyword.

    Appreciate the help...
    Start building backlinks targeted to your sub-page and have the anchor texts as the keyword you want to target it for. Your main domain and your sub-page both will benefit from the backlinks to your page.
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    Build backlinks that are highly related to your blog and do social bookmarking, forum posting is also a very good way to build backlinks. Search forums that have posts related to your keyword then reply the post with you signature on it...that will make a strong backlinks for you..hope that helps
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        This may take some time and all you need is more patience. I know, the end result will be worth the wait. Try building back links that should be related to your sites or blogs. And make sure to keep your articles updated and with top quality contents. Use unique and original content and not some copy-paste style of updating your articles.
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    When it comes to this matter, this is will take quite a long time since you don't want to put inbound links to your site. So I think that you have to rely on your site's content and proper on page optimization must be done.
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    try to do some 'Bluehat' like keyword stuff.. go to feedagg then @ descriptive tags use your main keyword and long tail keyword
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    Its impossible to say unless I would have a look at it. There are more than 200 signals Google uses to rank websites so there is not enough space and time to list them here...Before you jump into things, I would advice your to really learn how it works. It will save you lots of wasted time and money

    Digital Marketing Consultant since 1998. Contact me for a free consultation.

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    i think should find some less competition related keyword...and bookmarking with good page rank social bookmarking site .....if found result is going well then next step would get target original get better rank....
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    Just do some proper Onpage SEO, quality contents and have authority one way backlinks to your site/page. Keep building the links slowly, remember to mix the links with high PR, low PR, do-follow and no-follow, have to look everything natural in the eyes of search engines. Only that way you can get better and even high rankings.
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    Write unique and useful article with proper keywords.
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    Hi skyvia

    I have been doing article marketing for quite some time and I would definitely say IT can help you achieve your goal. Truth is, there are so many ways or methods you can use to improve your site's visibility, increase your traffic but Article marketing is Great for following reasons:

    -articles are use to build your credibility online, you will provide valuable information and in return you can build links where people can visit your site, see your products/service

    -when they trust your opinion and valuable information they would not hesitate to come back for your expert advice and offered products

    -articles are search engine friendly. All search engines love articles. When your articles are indexed, people will find them anywhere in the Internet so the greater the chances of getting new customers.

    -articles can be SEO'd meaning the company providing this service can provide you contents which can be indexed easily and seen on the first page or results. SEOd content would increase your reputation, PageRank thru links created and position in results page of Google.

    - articles can be shared in different social networking sites, so you are actually hitting two birds in One stone. You are doing article marketing and social marketing to boost your sales.

    If you want more tips how to boost your ranking through article marketing please feel free to PM me. I can also refer you to a very reputable company that can help you with improve article marketing.
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    You have to do a good on page SEO. Then only you work on the off page SEO by building backlinks. If you are interested in build backlinks from high PR blogposts, I can help you since I'm offering the service here.
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    if you want to get results from specific page then first of all you need to add some content on it and your content must contain your targeted keyword. you can do some link building to get it ranked on first page of Google. Ezine articles also helps you to get relevant traffic and backlink
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    with quality content and quality back link support you in SERP

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    Make sure you optimize this page for the right keyword, consider those you have chances to rank higher, not only those with biggest search numbers. Select a few more keyword synonyms and use them together in the text on this page. Inclkude your keyword in title, h1 and description.
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    but, if you want to do it in a fast way. i want to mention you, you'd better do it consistently. otherwise, you will have the risk to punished by search engine.
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    SEO itself is a time consuming work however if you work on your website regularly then result will be in front of you. First of all do the on page work, put good content, work on tags, internal link building for the users and search engines. Once this is done then you can create few blogs, post some unique articles and get back links. You also might your friends to give back links to your website.
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    You can get a better ranking by getting backlinks from authority sites, you can also submit to high ranking blogs in your niche, with a link back to your site with your comment, ensure that your comment adds value or else it might be removed
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    If you need a quick ranking then buy a old high PR domain and then redirect this to your main money site.
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    Update the content then make some in content links using the web2.0 properties linking back to your site as well as you can use profile links, Forum Posting, Blog commenting and Social Bookmarking. Just try to have links from the high pr sites.
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    It's really hard to answer but the effective answer is hard work hard work and hard work can solve your problem.
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