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Has anyone tried this tool?

GA Data Grabber

I'm also going to engage in the VBA method for data mining but wanted some other takes on how to streamline the process.
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    I looked at the options a few months ago, and settled on the VBA macro method as I needed to use spreadsheets on a couple of different PCs. I can't tell you the exact URL where I got the source from (I'm typing this on my mobile) but it's the version that comes up in Google when you search for "Google Analytics VBA macros".

    They're easy to use, relatively stable/fast and are portable.

    GA Data Grabber was a slicker experience, but for my requirements proved unnecessary. Going the VBA route meant that I could create dynamic dashboards and distribute them freely.

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    Hm, let me know if it's a site that is different than what I referenced.

    I'm receiving the #NAME? error in excel when I execute the getGAauthenticationToken. Any tips? Macros are enabled and permitted...
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    It's the same site. Interesting you're getting that error - my XLS file was working fine a few weeks ago, but now I get the same error as you. I think that maybe Google changed the API and the macros haven't been updated yet?

    To be honest I was using this to pull together stats for a number of niche sites I run. I changed my tagging in the end so that all sites share a single GA profile, which provides as much insight as I need (and allows me to truly compare sites against each other within the standard GA interface).

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    oh wow, so it's not just me?

    I'm building a dashboard for my client and using this API is the best solution I can think of.
    Have you looked at the Data Export API in the Google documentation?

    Data Export API - Protocol (v2) - Google Analytics - Google Code

    I'm guessing that the Excel Macros would be easier to construct. I'm not a seasoned programmer to be messing around with OAuth but maybe I'll just pursue it.
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      Just stumbled on this thread; I've created both the VBA macros and GA Data Grabber. Seeing the #NAME error indicates Excel can't access the macros. Once you've changed the security settings, you need to restart Excel for them to take effect. There's no known bug with the macros, they work fine on my machine, and I haven't received any other error reports lately.

      Of course, I hope you decide to go for GA Data Grabber
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