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I am thinking of installing Jeff Johnson SEO plugin on another hosting account due to the slight changes you have to make to the cron or what ever it`s called. In the past I have used it to get traffic but never really knew if it is white,grey or even black hat.

So here are some things I would like to know... Is it safe to use on my personal / main blog ? Do I really need new hosting for it since we have to change a setting on our host account ? Is anyone getting good traffic with it or has in the past?

I have read billions of comments on his blog and looked all over the internet but never found real solid content on this plugin.

Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.
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    I have not used his most recent version, so my input may be a little dated...
    Jeff Johnson is one of my favorite IMers. I was a member of his private coaching a while back, but money got tight, and I cancelled. I started with the free version of this plugin, then I got the "pro" version when I became a member. In honesty, the plugin itself does not do that much in and of itself. It tweaks all your settings for what they consider to be optimal SEO for your site (like permalinks, title, etc). The big thing is it sets up the best SEO and Wordpress plugins (gives you pretty much 2 click install for all). It then checks to see if you have them all installed, checks your settings, and gives you an SEO "score". The pro version simply adds a few more plugins to the list of "required" plugins. Disclaimer one more time: I have not used the newest version! So things may have changed a little.....

    When I first started using this, I installed it on ALL my blogs, felt I couldn't live without it, and thought it made life easier. But it did install some plugins I did not really use often, and some I preferred "other" versions. For instance the social plugin it chose, and the captcha, I like other plugins better now. As for the blog tweaks, I also found that I liked to do things slightly different as well, so in the end, I stopped using this. I may go download this, and try out the newer version to see the changes! Once I started "cloning" WP installs, I really had no need for it at all.

    You should also know that installing his plugin also adds links to his site, from yours, in the blogroll, and I think on the free version, in the footer? Not positive on that part, I can't recall exactly. You also have a built in advertisement for whatever he wants to promote in your dashboard in WP while using this plugin.

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      Thank you Spags for the insight. Just saved me a lot of anx over what it does on a site. Truly, there's nothing good for free, or at least very little.
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    I have never paid for a single plugin and I am averaging between 500-600 views/day using all my FREE plugins..

    Here's my top 15 plugins!

    1. Akismet
    If you have been blogging for a while, you should have realized by now, that the amount of spam you get on a daily basis is just RIDICULOUS! Akismet takes care of all those spammy comments that nobody likes!

    2. All-In-One SEO Pack
    Everybody knows that SEO will account for a large sum of your traffic if you do it right! This plugin allows you to choose the title, description, tags, and keywords that will show up in all the search engines and the links you post to it! (Great for trying to rank for certain keywords.)

    3. Broken-Links Remover
    I’m sure we have all had to deal with faulty links.. B.L.R. will immediately find all the broken links on your site so that you don’t have to go through an manually click through them to see if they work. (The more time saved, the better!)

    4. Cbnet Ping Optimizer
    If you don’t know what a “ping” is, it is simply an update or message that is sent to search engines so that they can send their “bots” to index your new content!
    As bloggers, we are constantly updating our blogs and changing things–which sends out TONS of pings to search engines. When too many are sent, search engines will see it as spamming just so you can get your site indexed. This handy tool monitors your pings and makes them appear not nearly as spammy to the search engines!
    Definitely a “must” to making your blog SEXY!

    5. Commentluv
    Enabling comments is something that EVERY blogger absolutely needs on their site. This nifty comment box uses one of the most attractive comment systems I have ever seen and also allows people to leave a link to their last post. (Which encourages people to comment even more on your posts!)
    Definitely something that every blogger should have to make their blog sexy!

    6. Comment Redirect
    Simply stated! This plugin will redirect everyone that leaves their FIRST comment on your site to a page of your choosing! Making it nice for a thank-you page.

    7. Exclude Pages From Navigation
    This tool often comes in handy when you want to create pages that you don’t want the general visitors on your site to view! (Such as bootcamp video pages, trainings for people that have opted into your list, etc.)
    When using this, excluded pages will only be accessible through direct URL!
    Definitely sexy to have if you are looking to create your own boot-camp or trainings! (Like my Twitter Boot-camp above!)

    8. Facebook Share
    This plugin allows you to display a “share” button on every one of your posts and pages. This allows people to easily share your content or pages with all of their Facebook friends! (Helps get your stuff viral!)
    I absolutely cannot do without this sexy Facebook button!

    9. Fast Secure Contact Form
    If you ever want people to contact you directly with any questions, concerns, or anything of that matter, this is something you need to have. Not only does it allow them to contact you, but it gives them a sense of security to know that you have a contact page. (Don’t ask me why, people just feel more secure when they see one!)
    Definitely essential to your plugins list!

    10. Google XML Sitemaps
    This SEO tool will help Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc. index your blog even quicker. (The faster the indexing, the better!)

    11. Related Posts Thumbnail
    Keeping people on your blog is a common goal of every successful blogger. This awesome tool will display other posts you have written below each article. (So below each article you will see a list of posts that are related to that article!) Therefore, keeping people surfing your site longer!

    12. Reply Me
    When somebody leaves a comment on one of your pages or posts, there will be a little box that they can “check” to keep them notified by email for whenever their comment is replied to. This will ONLY notify them when their comment is replied to. Not everyone else that comments AFTER them! (Like most notification boxes do!)
    This will contribute to your comment box’s sexy look!

    13. Sexybookmarks (By Shareaholic)
    This lovely tool will enable a bar below all of your posts and pages for people for people to “share” on their social networking sites! (Such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.)
    Like the name says! This is a very SEXY tool to use! It makes your blog look nicer and allows you to get more viral exposure!

    14. Thank Me Later
    This sends out an automated “thank you” message that you create to all the people that leave comments on your blog–ultimately bringing them back for more!

    15. Topsy Re-Tweet Button
    This button will allow people to re-tweet your content to their Twitter account. (Creating MORE syndication! Hurray!)
    This tool is absolutely something EVERY blogger should have to keep their content going viral! Sexy!

    There you go!

    These are 15 plugins that I use EVERY single day to drive traffic, generate leads, keep people on my site, and keep them coming back for more!
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      Thanks Josh for the awesome list...actually see some on your list that ima swipe

      By the way Jeff Johnson plugin is free... I had some good results in the past on one of my traffic sites.


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    Thanks Josh,

    I might have to hack that "Thank Me Later" plugin & use it on my download sites.
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    Great!! I've bookmarked this. I can't "Thank You Later".... Gotta Thank You Now! =)
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    thanks for this sure the key to keep your readers on your website is the content right?
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    Just bringing this back-up because it took down EVERY one of my wordpress sites that had it installed. I have had to go through each site and delete the plug-in since the ioncube PHP Loader to be re-installed and wouldn't work even if I did install it again. I used to like this plug-in, but it just caused me massive HELL.
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