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I was doing a checkup on my keyword rankings for my blog today... And every instance of www.xxxxxxxx.com (without a subdirectory) is gone from google... I noticed that even if I do a search for www.xxxxxxxx.com, only subdirectory links show up...

Anyone know what is happening and/or why? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Don't you see your main page even you search as site:"yourURL"

    I encountered once that my sites inner-pages showing up in SERPs, but not their home pages. If content of your blog's homepage is changing with every post you publish (as usually), then maybe it's a result of Google dance with the fresh content.
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    Have you been using BH SEO?
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    Probably just the Google dance. Just keep building backlinks. Chances are you'll come back stronger than where you were originally.
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    Most likely the Google Dance, did you do some link building recently? Google is probably just analyzing those links if so.
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      Use copyscape to check the originality of your web content..it can be hit by the panda update or it simply might be due to Google dance.
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    how do you rate your website and its content? I am just thinking if your website may have been hit by Google Panda. Also how do you obtain back links? Please avoid back links from poor quality and spam websites, poor back linking strategy also hurts your rankings. Build back links from relevant and authority websites.
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    The main page has been kicked? What did you do recently? Any BH strategies used?
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    I guess, you home page or index page needs some more optimization.

    Do check for robots.txt files and noindex attribute if they are blocking the crawlers by any chance.

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      Thanks for the responses everyone.

      My blog is pretty much 100% original content, I'm sure it's not a panda duplicate content penalty. I've been seeing a steady increase in SE traffic the entire time panda has been around.

      The main page has been kicked? What did you do recently? Any BH strategies used?
      Have you been using BH SEO?

      The only backlinking I'm doing now is a pretty light SEO Linkvine campaign. Maybe 50 links a week are being created in that. That's definitely not BH though and IMO it's a very light grey (since seolv owns the sites Im linking on).

      Maybe (Hopefully) it is a dance, but I've never seen google dance like this before. Or maybe just never noticed it...
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    Whatever you do don't stop doing whatever it is you where doing If you where building backlinks every day continue the same momentum. You want your backlinks to look as natural as possible. Also try updating your content daily, YES I SAID DAILY. Try adding an additonal 400 words post, every day to your main page and pinging it after your done. Gone are the days of sniper sites, you have to show google you have quality relevant content. Your content is most likely too thin.
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