Does anyone else love SEO?

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I suppose it's more of a love-hate relationship, but I find SEO to be almost like a competitive sport or game. It's a lot of fun when you see someone battling against you for the #1 spot, and then overtaking them finally. Or reverse-engineering their SEO campaign and copying them, finding a new source of backlinks that you hadn't known before.

It's also an awesome feeling when you put in a big SEO effort and see the results: your site climbing or even showing up on page 1.

Of course, there's always the flip side, when one of your sites tanks for no reason in the "Google dance" or whatever you want to call it. That can be a nail-biter for sure.

All in all, I really enjoy SEO overall. Of course there are some tedious parts (the grunt work that can be involved), but it's all in the name of the game.
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    Lots (most) of the grunt work can be outsourced. And, yes, there's definitely the thrill of the catch with seo - when I outrank my competitor, that is!

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    Like you... I LOVE IT!

    The mystery of trying to place the pieces of the algorithm together is exhilarating and fighting it out with a competitor is a real adrenalin rush. Waking up one morning a seeing your site has surged up the ranks is also satisfying and like you said there is the other side that has to do with been panda kicked into a pit of disappointment.

    But yeah, SEO is addictive and it is one drug I don't mind consuming!
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      SEO is a necessary item for advertising. Keep up the work
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    I currently moved to Manila and SEO writing is big here. Keep up the work
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    Woohoo. I'm not alone. For some reason I love researching niche's, seeing what it would take to beat the competition, and doing it.
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    Agreed! to compare it to sports.. it is like preparing for the big game and coming out hitting a grand slam and winning the game.
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    Indeed I love SEO most especially when I see the fruits of my effort.
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    yep, indeed,SEO is a competitive computer game.
    Gift,diligence take u to the road of success
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    Seo is a battle of the computer mindset, but also a matter of consulting and helping website owners receive the results. Therefore, I love it, to the max. Everyone on this forum ought too.
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    NO! I hate it! It's a pain in the butt! ...Sometimes its kind of fun. I hate Google though.
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    Search engine optimization is a need for patient work, need to remain vigilant at all times, otherwise it will be others beyond
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      It's like golf. Very fun and very frustrating. You think you do all the right things, sometimes you suck but the times it works out makes it worth the effort.
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