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I recently added an Adsense account to my blog but got a little discouraged when I saw my estimated earnings at $0.01

My RPM is at $0.02 which I still don't quite understand what that means. Is RPM the amount I receive per 1,000 impressions or the amount I receive from clicked ads?

My blog is currently receiving an average of 42 unique visits per day, (which I know isn't much) but shouldn't I be receiving more than .01 cent?
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    I would play around with the color schemes and block image ads.
    That white on black is painfully unnatural. I myself have never
    liked garbled imaged backgrounds. A solid color works best
    for adsense sites, IMHO.

    I would also get a shorter header image, so ads appear above the fold,
    front, in your face. make them standout.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    You need more traffic.
    Also Entertainment topics in Adsense pay very little, but there are exceptions. Gaming is not one of them.
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      You could try section targeting to increase ad relevancy.

      Section targeting allows you to suggest sections of your text and HTML content that you'd like us to emphasize in your ads.

      Just put the follow code around the sections of text you'd like to target like this:

      <!-- google_ad_section_start -->

      This is an example of some text wrapped in section targeting code

      <!-- google_ad_section_end -->

      Good luck!

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    What's your blog's topic? For some topics the click price is really low. Maybe you should read some articles about niche choose first in the forum.
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    Thanks Paul, I will mess around with the ad backgrounds and maybe go blue on white (I see this style frequently used)

    Thanks for the tip Joshua, that code is useful to know however I think they ads that google automated fit well with my site.

    My blog is about reviews on video games I know it isn't niche but its something that I actually enjoy writing about so I figured why not.

    Thanks for the tips guyz!
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    I have tried all different ways I have not had success with the link unit but Adsense swears by it,so I don't know.
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    Definitely try changing your ad placement, and color schemes.


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    Best Locations
    • below the header, 728X90 or same one below the title
    • Inside the post, wrapped and float left, large square ad
    • Put another large square below the post
    Hands down those are the best locations

    Other tips
    • Make the title's the same blue color as your standard link, people are conditioned to click them
    • Make it blend to the background, if you background is white, make the background and border also white.
    Those work wonders for me
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