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Hi guys I'm starting our small business SEO program and we are doing a bunch of stuff each month and one of them is setting up sites for clients on sites like, etc.

I was wondering whether it would be better SEO wise to create a new account every month and create a new page under that account or whether it would be just the same to just add a new article to our existing account. Or is there not even any value in continuing to add articles? Is it the sort of thing you do as a one off?

Thanks heaps
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    Anyone able to help with this one?

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    Hi, there is a thread here about Private Blog Networks (am mobile so can't post the link), a lot of similar stuff is discussed in there. Actually, I am experimenting with this stuff myself. I HAVE begun using the same properties for backlinking more than one site, adding new articles etc. I think you do want to kind of build their authority with new content rather than keep building new properties, especially in a similar niche, but I randomise it a lot to avoid a footprint. Still waiting to evaluate the effects though.

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