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When using any backlinking software like Xrumer, Article Marketing Robot, ScrapeBox, or Bookmarking Demon, can you blast the links without much trouble from google? Right now I'm using a schedule but when I bought a WSO that gave me tons of backlinks (1000 or so diverse links) my rank went up significantly so I'm thinking that maybe I should be doing this as well.

Does anyone have experience blasting backlinks?
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    I think that when doing blasts of a few 000's its not much of a problem as Google does not find all those links as soon as you post them, it takes time for them to be indexed, thats when a backlink will count.

    What would happen if a new site went viral and all of a sudden of a tonne of backlinks, would G ban of sandbox them?

    If blasting bans of sandboxes your site, you could blast your competition and knock them out the way.

    If you blast a few 000's then it shouldnt be a problem.
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    Scheduling is always safer from being sandboxed. When I directly build links to my my money sites I schedule the blasts.
    For my web 2.0 sites I bother to blast them without schedule.

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      If you build those links consistently, it can help outrank your competitors and shouldn't have much trouble with Google. Usually people face problems when they don't have proper backlink building strategy and they take action as spot decision.
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        I'm not experienced with xrumer or scrapebox. But for amr just blast em. Unless you are using a backlink indexing service (linklicious, dfb, backlinksindexer) then don't worry about it. Google will naturally find the links which will make it look natural anyways.
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    I have done both and am coming to the conclusion it don't make a whole lot of difference...

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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      depends on the type of link.
      some links are discovered slowly (like profiles) so you can blast all at once and then ping them over time.

      depends on the domain history.
      if the site has historically been blasted with lots of links, then it is normal.

      consistency is your backlinking friend.
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