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I used a seo service who brought my website to top three position in google. the term is accounting homework and I am ranking number 3 as of now. Now I have to get going without an seo. The main rpoblem is how to keep it there and rise it from there. Please help
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    keep building quality backlinks ... and update your content
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      Originally Posted by kaleelkr View Post

      keep building quality backlinks ... and update your content
      Quality Related Backlink & Update with Original Content.
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    I am assuming you purchased these SEO services and are aware of the types of backlinks that were built to get it to page one in google. What you now have to do is continue building the backlinks with the same consistency otherwise your site will start to drop
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      i just know that my seo used to ask articles from me thatsall...please tell me wht is exactly needed to do
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        I strongly believe that the seo person has been doing article marketing and going for high PR contextual backlinks
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    Do social bookmarking and article submission.
    If you want then I can do manual social bookmarking 4 u


    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    Backlinks and get great unique content that people are willing to share.

    Don't stop now, keep up the work and you'll get rewarded eventually
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      article marketing I can do easily as I have writers. Can you list down the places where I can submit my articles too and wht is this?---- high PR contextual backlinks
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    how to get high pr backlinks and how many articles should I submit in a week and to which directories. I am on the way to get my direction. Please continue guiding me. Also note that I am looking for an seo course which is great so that I can earn online.
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      Keep building backlinks consistently, high PR backlinks would be a plus too.
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        there is no seo course that will tell ou exactly what to do to make great money online all go over the same thing which is to get good backlinks and making sure that they are diverse. Ther rest is down to you to try and test the backlinks for each keyword as results will differ based on the competition.

        To get these links without doing a lot of the work yourself you will have to invest in paid services. I hope this helps
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    Content is king and backlinks are nice!
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    keep adding unique content and build backlinks...
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    Analize your backlinks. and add lots of more
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    Keep building backlinks.

    Tweaking your on-site optimization can also help if there is anything you can improve there, but this can be done in less than a day... Backlinks - 90% of the work.

    When you are number 1, you can relax. Google may dance your website, but unless the competition is fierce, and it is relentlessly building backlinks to beat you, you can really just take a break. (If the competition is very weak, you may even get away with never backlinking your page ever again.)
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    Now get some forum links but don't overdo. You can hire posters on freelancer sites.

    Coming Soon!

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    Get more and more quality backlinks...

    Get social sites backlinks as well...

    z.y.z.m.j.i.f.m.s.a.h.z.a. :

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    Once you get that high in the SERPs, it's time to deeply analyze the competition: the top two above you and the two below you.

    Analyze their backlinks, spy on their keywords and identify their weak spots. I use SEO Spyglass and Market Samurai to analyze the competition, and whenever possible I try to create links from the same top pages that are linking to them (blog comments, forum threads, etc.)

    The best way to stay in No. 3 is to try to be No. 1. Do not let up, and congrats!

    I.M. ControlPanel - See why this online software is your key to success!
    Lifetime Membership WSO

    Learn. Take Action. Learn. Teach.
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    Hi shipra02 I just took a quick look a the top 3 sites for that keyword,looks like the top 2 ranking sites arent fully optimised for the keyword your ranking for,You need to place the keyword in your H1,H2 etc....also I checked the backlinks via yahoo (not a really accurate way i know,but gives you an idea) looks like all you need to do is get some PR5+ backlinks and you will be #1 before you know it
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