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I have a wordpress site that I think will perform better if I switch the theme. Right now the site is getting 75 - 100 unique visitors a day and averaging about a 6% CTR. I think it would be higher if I switched to the CTR theme.

My question is, if I change the theme on an established site do you think it will hurt it?
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    Entirely depends on what WordPress theme you are using now and which theme you want to move to.

    If the old theme is bloated and inefficient and the new theme compact and fast, then it will be beneficial for you.
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    I am actually using a Clickbump theme on this site - which I love on all the other sites I have it on. But on all those sites I am able to get both Adsense click and Amazon sales. This site seems to make money with Adsense, so I thought I would switch to the CTR theme and see if it increases my click through rate.

    The Clickbump theme I am using right now is very clean looking and similar to the CTR theme I would change to, but I like the ad placement on CTR better for this site.
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    Good for you,you're already in adsense.How do i get there?What is CTR?
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    CTR is Click Through Rate, usually count with %. Taking the impression / visits divide into clicks and u get a CTR =D
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    Switching topics will be affected
    1 due to the different structure of the template code, the output of the title is different, such as my article page area <title> <? Php wp_title (", true);?> | <? Php} bloginfo ('name');?> </ title>
    First output, "Article title", then output "Cui Kai's blog," and part of the template is the first output, "Article title" then output "article category," we may feel this is what ah, but as your search engine, the impact is quite is profound, ranging from reduced collection, while in K out of this article.
    2 in use to share the template, part of the theme by using <meta name = "description" content = "<? Php bloginfo ('description');?> As the description describes, but there are a few authors to reduce database calls, the right to write their own text station name, details of these changes can not browse through the pages to, and often ignored by everyone but the same, the search engines will not be ignored ... ...
    This is often replaced many template sites, included low direct reason.
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