text ads or text and images?

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what are the best ads to set up for small niche sites?

txt ads


txt and image ads?
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    txt and image ads...
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      Depends on the niche.
      Look at it this way. Lets say the top bidder in your niche is running only image ads but you have text ads only. You are missing out on that guys bid.

      In some niches text ad's may not convert well.

      The best thing to do is test.

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    Text ads are good, but image ads get a lot of clicks.
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    Indeed test cause it is industry specific. I have some site where Image ads do better while others where Text ads destroyed Image ads.

    When I launch a site, I rotate between the 2 for a few weeks then decide once there is enough data.

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    Test, test & test!

    I've had success with both image ads and text ads. Again though, they vary depending on the niche and what you are trying to do.
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    I always done better with TEXT only
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    It is very dependent on the niche that you are writing. I can suggest you test a week with only text ads and another week with only image ads. Image ads are not so targeted to the niche you are writing, but text ads are. However, image ads is more attractive to be clicked. So for each niche and site, all needed to be tested.

    Alan Tay

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    I done better with text only though.
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    Hi there. I just finished reading John Comm's ebook regarding Adsense Secrets and he says that people normally do not click images - they associate images with ads.

    For our site, images look good - so in effect we are just advertising it and not getting any clicks (or just a few).

    I have not yet implemented this, but will try this. I used to believe image ads are good because it stands out but contrary to my knowledge, he says that ads being too obvious are not good. The rule is to make the ads blend in to get more clicks.

    Just sharing what i have read.. :-)
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