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Does anybody have experience or knowledge how high an Adsense CTR can get and still acceptable in the eyes of big G.

I used to only get 4-7% for the past couple of months but recently, I got as high as 12-17% without doing anything. Obviously, it could be search trend or something.

I'm worried that the latter is no longer acceptable.

Any idea would be highly appreciated.
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    erm, depending on your site. if your site are micro niched perhaps try not to make it over 25%. For my site, it's information site or news site... i have like 1-3% ctr only.
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    It really depends on how specific the site is about. I saw very high CTR (30% range ) for some specific product review sites and google seems fine with it.
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      You can't foresee this kind of metrics.
      It varies a lot. I believe it is search trend.
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    Any % CTR!
    If those are organic search engine visitors and those clicks converts for the particular advertisers as well.

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    I regularly have 10%+ days, a few times I have 20%+ days and nothing from Google. As long as your sites are quality you shouldn't have too much to worry about.
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      Hi anislagan,

      It isn't the CTR that you need to be concerned with, it is the conversion rate that is important. I know of a person that routinely got between 50%-100% CTR on one website layout. He never had a problem because his users were highly motivated buyers of his sponsors' listings.
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        I get an average of about 25% and I've never had any problems.

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    Geez - I only get 1% to 3%. Sometimes up to 6% - but that's about it.

    However, my sites are only informational...

    <a href="https://changeyourbudget.com/save-money-on-your-water-bill/">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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    How the hell do you manage a CTR of over 20%? I've never had anything near that for Adsense.
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    My adsense CTR is 4 %.
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    I remember John Xfactor back in the day mentioning CTRs of more than 50%, and it IS quite possible to get those kinds of figures, but as someone said, if those clicks aren't converting then that could start being a problem. I have a site that was getting well over 20% at one time but I just wasn't comfortable that visitors were converting at a proportionate rate (the ads don't seem quite a perfect match with what most searchers are after) so toned down the "clickiness" of the layout. Cost me money but better safe than sorry...

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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    Stick to the quality and maintain its integrity and Google should not have any issues.
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