#1 Site on Google Not Making a Dime?

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Warriors...Need some help...

I've got a site up in acne niche that is number one position for its keyword...yet I haven't made a dime via the CB product I'm promoting...

To be honest, I've done nothing with it for 6 months and am SHOCKED to see it's Google ranking...

Can anyone help me start monetizing this thing?

Appreciate any and all enlightenment...
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    can you provide the keyword?
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  • no way of us faily evaluating it if you don't include a link where fellow warriors can perhaps critique it
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    • Originally Posted by Online Business Mentor View Post

      no way of us faily evaluating it if you don't include a link where fellow warriors can perhaps critique it
      *fairly evaluating it .. / review it for ya
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        hey hii, i´m have the same problem with my website : the keyword is "six packs diet" the domain of my website it´s the same as the keyword
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          Originally Posted by sixpacksdiet View Post

          hey hii, i´m have the same problem with my website : the keyword is "six packs diet" the domain of my website it´s the same as the keyword
          Are you getting a lot of traffic with that keyword? I see that you're in a good spot in the SERPS but the phrase doesn't seem like it generates a lot of searches.

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          Originally Posted by sixpacksdiet View Post

          hey hii, i´m have the same problem with my website : the keyword is "six packs diet" the domain of my website it´s the same as the keyword
          I just checked Google's Keyword Tool and "six packs diet" only gets 2,900 global searches a month.

          However "six pack diet" gets 22,200 global searches a month and has relatively low competetion

          I checked and the domain name sixpackdiet.com is a premium domain name that will cost you $1,800!!

          But you can get sixpackdietz.com (which goggle will look at as sixpackdiet.com) it's available and you might want to thing about it!
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    Having #1 rankings in Google does not always mean you are going to make some good money because of it. You have to take in for consideration the 2 following...

    Firstly, your keyword. Does the keyword get enough search results each month to even pull in a decent amount of traffic?

    Secondly, your web sites monetization. Make sure your web site is well monetized.

    If you like me to take a look at your web site for you, then please PM me your url and keyword that you are ranking #1 for and I can better give my input.
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      Whats the traffic like?

      The only thing that matters with cb products is getting traffic through there.

      Suppose the product converts at 1% you need to send 100 people there to make a sale.

      Whats the ctr on your site 5%

      for every 100 people to your site you'll send 5 to the cb site

      so even if you are getting 100 visitors a day it will still take 20 days to make a sale

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    Have you tried the keyword search on another
    computer? You may find that it isn't anywhere
    near #1...
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    You might be better off promoting an infomercial product than an ebook as there will already be familiarity with an actual product. I used to promote proactiv and made sales a few years ago but I believe they added the 800 number to the page and that caused affiliate sales to drop for me.

    As others have said, the search number for the keyword phrase as well as copy itself are important factors to analyze further.

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  • Proactiv has made money hand over fist in this niche, and it seems to be peroxide with some filler to me, perhaps model them in monetizing? Use your position to also recommend a physical product too perhaps? Personally i would prefer a phys. product to reading an ebook on the problem

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    You might be getting personalized results. Make sure you log out of all G accounts then clear all your history and everything else, then use a 3rd party site or another computer to search it. You will be able to get a much better idea of whether you really are #1 or not.

    You can find internet marketing strategies, SEO consulting, and tons of business advice at BAM!

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    So what keyword are you ranking for? and what's the traffic for your site? Chances are u are not sending enough traffic to your site and that's why you don't make money.
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      clear up acne
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        Originally Posted by tehering View Post

        clear up acne
        You must be getting personalized results. You're not on the first page for that term, unfortunately.

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    Google ranks pages differently depending on where you are. Maybe you should check using Scroogle first if you're really ranked number one without all the cookies.

    Also, maybe your site is filled with too many ads that the viewers might think it's just a spam site.
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    Without knowing the exact keyword, the search volume, it is pointless to debate on the #1 ranking. You need to rank for a keyword that gets tons of searches everyday. Is that keyword driving traffic to your site?

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    I'm agreeing with some of the responses on here... probably not enough traffic. If you're only getting a few hundred visitors a month, I would guess that you MIGHT get one sale. Target a few higher volume keywords and you'll improve the chances of getting a sale.
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    Yeah it depends on how much traffic that specific keyword gets, because its relative. for example, you could be ranking #1 for a keyword that has like 100 searches monthly which would explain why you aren't getting any money despite the fact that you are ranking.

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    @tehering - I know how you feel. I'm in a similar situation.

    I'm currently ranking #1 in google for one of my sites that I started a year ago. I never thought about monetizing it when I made it as I was never interested in affiliate marketing at the time. The search term gets 6,600 global monthly searches and 2,900 local. I'm thinking about starting becoming a war room member and starting a joint venture with an experience AM here to help monetize it and share revenues.
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    There are numerous reasons for this.

    Firstly, are you getting traffic from the keyword? You Title and Description might not be enticing enough.

    More importantly is it a Commercially Intent keyword?

    Moving on to the action site, are people sticking around? Is the content of good quality and does it provide value or are you just screaming 'Buy This' in their face?

    Moving on to the product does it actually convert? Are people landing on the sales page and bouncing back off because it's not a good sales page?

    I have no idea but this is just sratching the surface when it comes down to finding out why you aren't making money.


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    The problem could be your website...and the keyword you are targeting..
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    For me it is high up on the second page on Google. Pretty good spot in my opinion

    I don't see it on Yahoo. I do however see clear-up-acne.com as first on Yahoo
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    Please try adsense. it is a lot easier then CB ..
    Adsense is so easy !
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    I didn't see your website in the first two pages of G. I rarely click page3, and I didn't this time. I'm not logged in with my G. account.

    Btw, I'd like to recommend you optimize your content to make it SEO friendly. You can find tons of info on this here at WF. Cheers.
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    I got excited recently about the same thing. Then I realized my blog was "dancing" all over google. I wish it would stop. Page 1 one day. Page 5 the next. It is interesting to watch the traffic tick way up when it is ranking nicely. Suffice it to say this is a very new blog.
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    How much traffic are you getting a day, and Maybe a stronger call to action would increase sales, something more than just text
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      1100 visitors a month, approximately...and as i've said, no traffic methods other than SEO...
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    I'm seeing it in the same spot as Patrick. The exact phrase "clear up acne" has 590 searches a month, which isn't bad, but if you're on the second page you're only going to get a small portion of those 590 searches.

    As far as the website itself, I don't see this page really doing much preselling for the product (actually by the way you word things I may be more inclined to go pickup the Biore product you mentioned at the store). The focus of the ebook seems to be on natural acne cures. How does your website focus on that? As far as I can tell the focus of your site seems to be on general acne care and the articles on it advise medical treatments which seems counter to your ebook offer.

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    I'd suggest to split the 5 articles on the home page into 5 different pages, each targeting different, but related keywords. Each page on your site can be an "entry" page and draw traffic for different keywords. Have 5 pages instead of just one gives you 5x the opportunity.

    Use http://lsikeywords.com/ to find themed keywords and work these keywords into your pages wherever you can, while maintaining the integrity of your articles.

    Add Adsense on each page. You can add 3 adesense blocks per page. By having 5 pages instead of just 1, that's 15 adsense blocks instead of only 3. That's 15 chances for a click instead of only 3.

    Then create a paragraph for each that is unique and suggests "for the next step" or "to really clear your acne"....Click Here (with the link going to a revenue stream, such as CB). Make this paragraph last and make it seem that the next step is to click the link. Make the link a text size bigger and bold and make it clear that they should click the link.

    Expand your content to include pages about related skin care topics, such as sun tanning, etc. Find some higher price, well reviewed items on Amazon and write articles around them. But keep the theme of these pages related to "skin care". Spend 30 minutes at http://lsikeywords.com/ and get your ideas from the keywords that it suggests.
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    I see your site at spot 13, on page 2 of Google.

    I checked your site at scroogle.org and I found your site in the exact same position.

    My only guess? You are not really #1 on Google for this term, you are just seeing that in your personalized results because Google knows you have been going to this site a lot. That's how it works!
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    I don't see it in the top 200... try signing out of google, clear your browser cache and try again.
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    Disable and clear Google webhistory to turn off personalized results when you are logged in. This is the best way to do it as opposed to clearing cookies, using proxies, changing computers, etc.
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    i have just rechecked your site on page 2 so there is no point to make money..

    Rajiv Kumar
    Skpe: rajivkumar900
    Email id : rajivkumar900@gmail.com

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    I'm seeing you near the top of the 2nd page, which isn't bad - but certainly isn't going to give you anywhere near the traffic of the #1 spot.

    Personally, I see a couple of issues with your site:

    1. The content on the right (that starts with "What is Clear Up Acne Site?") blends in too much with the actual posts. For me, I was kind of scanning across both - and didn't really digest either one as a result. Also, I would have a better title than "What is Clear Up Acne Site?" It sounds a little awkward. Saying something like "Why was Clear Up Acne Site created?" flows better, and it incorporates your keyword.

    2. Change the very top headline. "My Experiences Searching for a Solution to Clear Up Acne" is a little awkward. Why not go with something like "Tips to clear up your acne from someone who's been there"?

    3. The posts themselves. First and foremost, you haven't added anything new since April. The search engines love fresh content. In fact, you'll probably move up a bit just from updating your site (I know I always do).

    Setting that aside, the first 2 posts immediately reference someone else as the authority (Glamour Magazine and Val Monroe). While they're informative, YOU should be the authority on this site. Otherwise, no one has any reason to visit your site. They can simply log onto Glamour Magazine's site or look up Val Monroe to see what she has to say. Plus, you're not really delivering on your headline... after all, these are supposed to be *your* experiences, right? Tell us what *you've* done to clear up acne.

    Again, these are just my 2 cents... You've got some good information on there. Changing up the presentation of it may definitely give you better results

    Good luck!
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    May I just add that you might be viewing Google results whilst logged in.

    When you are logged in Google shows you results based on your own search patterns and activites so you might be seeing your site '1 because you've visited it whilst logged in.

    Log out of Google and search again.

    See what results that brings.


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    • Profile picture of the author Affillionaire
      I don't see it on the 1st page and not sure what amount of traffic your actually getting if at all, but I have noticed that your site looks like all info and no real "Call-To-Action".

      Try placing a Banner or Pic to your affiliate product whether its an ebook or a physical product.

      If your using text links (Like Call To Action Phrases) make them BOLD or a different color to make them stand out.
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    You are getting Google's personalized results served up to you even if you are "not" logged into a gmail or other google account. I learned this lesson about 8 months ago and now about every 2-3 days I do the following:

    1) Use CCleaner (free program) to clear ALL my cache, I always analyze and clear twice each time I use it.

    2) Google then resets itself to their most local node and I pick a random city and state because I still get personalized results on certain keywords if they are searched through the default local node.

    3) You can also use a bit of code another Warrior posted a few months back - &pws=0
    just place &pws=0 at the end of the search string in your browser address window and hit enter, this will take the personalization out of the equation.

    By the way, I searched for both clear up acne and clearup acne and your site came up at position 221 in the serps (use google advanced settings to display 100 listings per page).


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    exactly, you didn't do keyword research well which is the first step of internet marketing
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    Are you actively trying to push the product on your visitors? cuz if your selling it instead of pre selling it, you aren't going to get a very good response. Most visitors don't enjoy being pitched. Just sayin
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    Hi there well i am in the same situation ,i also posted a thread here.My website had 1800 visitors last month I did not sell 1 cent .im on page one forth position.

    Im not talking about hundred dollars ,i say one click that is one click and a 3 dollar sale.
    Nothing at all ,seems like my site is more a information website than a making few bucks website.I also offer a free ebook for subscribers of my mailing list ,my mailing list is 5 people.
    my 50 60 people daily is a ridicolous number? here is the url Classy Tattoos | Classy Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Art Classy Tattoos | Classy Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Art » The art of tattoos and how to find the best custom tattoo for you ,may keyword is classy tattoos and my page rank is 2 in google.Im in other excellent positions also for related searches as classy tattoos for women classy tattoos for girls .I wish to understand

    Every help is welcome.
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    I see your site is on the second page of google results, you must be getting personalized results.
    And as kakaboo has stated your affiliate links on your last 2 posts are broken.
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    I agree with the stronger call to action. Your site is actually very nice and feels "worthy" of being #1 on google.
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    Your #2 on page #2 in Google SERPs for the keyword clear up acne.
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    See, being number 1 in the rankings doesn't necessarily mean that you will be earning like it as well. Earning and ranking are two different things. Agreed that you stand a
    better chance of earning if you rank somewhere at the top but that is not necessarily true. Get some ads on your site. Look into the matter and the causes behind it.
    Sad, but you can get yourself out of this fix.
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    Um, none of your affiliate links are working... the cloaked ones take me to a site not found, the others don't have you listed as the affiliate (you can verify that by going through to the order page, scroll down. If there's affiliate=none at the bottom then something's wrong).
    Check your links again, that could be why you have no sales...
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