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Ok this is really frustrating.

I made my first website in my life a month and a half ago. This was my first introduction to niche sites and seo.
As expected, I made a mistake in choosing my niche. I didn't even know about "exact" and "broad" searches. I only saw the "broad" (on google keyword tool) and saw that it had 50,000 a month. After building my site and reading about SEO, I later learned the "exacts" had only about 200 a month. The keyword was "how to be a pilot in Canada". Anyone who does a search on this keyword will notice how new I am to SEO. My site is

In less than 2 months, I changed my main keyword 4 times. I now have done a lot of studying on SEO and consider myself to at least know the basics of it. The keyword now is "pilot license". I changed this about 2 weeks ago. At first, I thought google was just adjusting to the new change. My SERPs were changing everyday, but they would always stay above the 30th page. So one day, I'd be on the 31st page. The next day, I'd be completely off the search (and I checked every page up to page 60). Last week, I was on the 40th page. I kind of suspected the low rankings to be because Google was adjusting my new placement for my new keyword. However, everyday it was not making any progress at all.

Then, all of a sudden, my main page was gone from the rankings. I noticed that my main page had gone away and another page was up, but further back in the SERPS on page
This page has 0 backlinks to it. The main page has about 100. Then i noticed that some other long-tail keywords my main page was ranking for disappeared out of the top 100. MY SITE IS STILL INDEXED BY GOOGLE (i caps because i know many of you will tell me to do a site:"mysite" search on google )

What is going on???
Changes I made prior to disappearing from my main keyword ranking...
1. I installed and now am using google chrome (why is this relevant?--read no.2)

2. I read that manually searching everyday on google for your page can affect the rankings. (I usually search through the pages so quickly that a google warning pops out on the screen. I am asked to type in a verification word to prove that I am not a software program)

3. I did start making a lot more backlinks. I am not using any backlinking softwares. i am doing it all manually. So by more, I only mean like 10-15 a day. Whereas before I was only make 4-5 a day.

Could anybody tell me any advice or suggestions on what my site may be going through? Again, my site is The keyword is "pilot license". My site is still indexed by google.

Thank you all. I know it was long read...I appreciate you taking the time to go through it. I am very frustrated and feel like giving least this site and maybe make a new one. But like I said b4, this was my first shot at website/niche/seo and it was a bad first experience
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    Hey! Don't even think about giving up!

    Believe me. You're not the only one who's made those EXACT mistakes. My first 5 websites were made with the BROAD match and they turned out exactly as what happened to you.

    Was I pissed? Oh hell yes!

    Did I feel like giving up! YES!!!

    But did I stop complaining and take my mistakes as fuel to keep my burning desire to make a consistent income online lit? YEP!

    Now that you know what to NOT do. All of your next websites will be much more successful than your first ones.

    And BTW, the keyword "pilot license" is incredibly competitive. Given that your domain is specific to Canada, I would try something much less competitive such as "pilot license in Canada" But since you've been changing it around so much Google doesn't know where to rank you atm.
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    give up! then you are not ready for internet marketing, i my case it took me 3 good years till now am still learning, yours is just a month old. what you do is always to ask question bothering you in this forum especially this section and always read threads and post related to your challenges and take action.

    thank God you have found out about exact keyword research you still need to know more about the following things such as competition analysis, on page SEO, off page SEO and many more. just keep on visiting warrior forum and always ask question this will surely lead you to a better end, do not give up
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    Don't give up! Keep working at it - that's the only advice I have to give you.
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      Sorry to hear about your frustrations, I have no idea why your main page seems to be de-indexed...maybe because you were making changes to it so frequently and google couldn't decide what to rank you for. Maybe if you stop making changes to the main page it will come back.

      As for giving up, I would echo the others in the thread and say don't give up...IF its only because of this set back...

      If you don't like the work, that's another matter!
      You might have to change your approach or quit.

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        If I had to go back to my beginnings online and start all over again, I would have hired someone to do all my SEO work.

        I don't say that because I work in the SEO field.

        I say it because it is one of the hardest things to grasp online and without traffic you will have no success. SEO is not something you are going to master in 2 months.

        Reading a few eBooks will teach you 1/10th of what you need to know about SEO and generating traffic.
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    Originally Posted by lovboa View Post

    Ok this is really frustrating.

    I am very frustrated and feel like giving least this site and maybe make a new one. But like I said b4, this was my first shot at website/niche/seo and it was a bad first experience
    I'm pretty sure you are not alone. Many people/marketers also experienced the same situation. Don't give up!
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    if you want to give up, you wouldnt have posted here.

    Im sure you still have some fire inside you. Never have that doubt again. Anybody can succeed online. You just have to put in the time just like in any aspect of life.

    Finalize your keyword/s, optimize your pages and content for it, check web master tools for your broken links since you probably changed your url links as you changed keyword topics, recreate your sitemap, create geo sitemap and send the site backlinks. Thats pretty much it.

    Good luck!

    ✔✔✔Leapfroggr Digital Marketing+SEO Services✔✔✔

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    Now Give a try to white hat seo. Don't build backlinks yourself.

    Start a new site. Focus on content instead backlinks. Target long tails and keep adding new relevant content. It may work for you.
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    I understand your frustration, but giving up is not the way out. Failing is quite common, and it is part of real success. What's done is done, and you must do what you have to do.

    Now what I would suggest for you to do is leave your current project aside, and start a new one. Read, read and read. Learn, learn and learn. Fail, fail and succeed.
    - Offer here -
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      Hi Paul,

      Take a breath, relax!

      You spent the past 2 months learning the ropes, you can't judge your future based on your brief learning phase. You still have plenty to learn so relax, breathe a little, pace yourself. If you can burnout after only 2 months you make easy pickings for your competitors.

      First, stop checking your rankings everyday, there is no reason for that. Make a personal rule to never check your rankings more than once a week. Monitor your analytics or server logs daily, not your rankings.

      Second, get a spell check and grammar checking tool. Your website has spelling and grammatical errors which could trigger low quality content ranking issues. Write in active voice, I see a tendency towards passive voice style in your content.

      Next, study your top competitors and ask yourself what do they offer that makes their web page more valuable to users. Try to improve on what they do best and make a website that truly deserves higher rankings. Add links to valuable, relevant resources for your users.

      Check your analytics software to see which keywords are bringing you traffic and start building backlinks with anchors using those same keywords. Go for the easy traffic first and build your strength before trying to tackle the more competitive keywords for your niche.
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    You want me to tell you not to give up? Ok, don't give up!! Seriously ask yourself if you have passion for this. If you said yes without thinking get back to work.
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    I made my first 3 websites making the broad VS exact match mistake! There's tons of advice that could be given right now, but if I am to keep it brief and constructive...

    -read everyday
    -study the SERPs everyday
    -build links everyday

    Consistency in the above three practices will net you great rewards over your IM/SEO future.
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    1 and a half months and you give up? Think about the passive income ...
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      Thank you to everyone for the encouraging words.
      They have really been helpful and uplifting.
      Thank you, dburk, for pointing out some big mistakes I wasn't able to notice about my site.
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    Just keep going , you just started ..your first site look better then my first site .
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    We all have a story to tell isn't, when i first began i was fortunate to have PIPs design my first site for me almost at no cost, it also chose wrong keywords, build back links the wrong way and was spending more than i was actually earning.

    Watch this Kick-Ass Keyword Research for Instant SEO Gold at and learn how to dig less competitive but worthwhile keywords.

    Until you learn to accept that the search engine, forums and youtube are a great resource (FREE) you will find IM a distress.
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      Great video.

      I liked it so much I wrote a beginners Keyword Research Webpage around it and linked to your video
      And thru in a free link to your SEO services.

      Damn I am getting lazy. Your commenting services sounded tempting to me...
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    What a great job by community members helping this guy out!
    Great job everyone!
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    Don't give up! I've been dabbling in various IM business for a few years now and most of them take time and work to take off. Good luck!
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    Don't give up! None of this is easy and ALL of it takes time. Just keep plugging away and correct errors.
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    Do not give up and keep working hard Adsense is for the patient and hard working
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    There is no real reason to give up, as you can see by all the comments. You made mistakes, big deal, we all make mistakes, in fact even the true experts around here make them.

    Just learn from them, study a bit more, get up and make that site one of the best around the web. I'm sure you can do it.

    I think it was Paul in another thread who said that people here in the warrior forum are really happy to see that others are having success too. It is uplifting, and every story about I dunno 100 bucks in adsense a day really helps us give that extra backlink each day to reach them too.

    Keep on the good work and be sure to post your doubts here in the forum there are a lot of people who will help you.
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    Thank you everyone, you have been really supportive and helpful. I was on the verge of not paying any more attention to this website anymore. Seeing how it was my first website and my first step into SEO, it would have been safe to say that I would have been one of the countless number of people who have given up on internet marketing after their first failed attempt.

    Some things I did in the past few days for my site:
    1. I created about 30 .edu backlinks and a handful of other backlinks from high-authority sites and blogs. (all done manually)

    2. (I forget who started the thread, but it was posted on warrior forum not long ago. It said to add an image with alt tag of your keyword--and make it a hyperlink opening in a new window to your main page) Before this, my site had 0 images. I added 1 image at the top of the sidebar with this method.

    3. I watched a google video a few days ago from Matt Cutts talking about the new rel=follow links. Basically, I created a google profile and added a link to my site. On my site's footer, I added a link to that google profile with rel=follow added.

    4. I changed the site's title from Pilot License - Pilot License Information
    Pilot License - How to Get your Pilot License and Become a Pilot. (I don't think this is relevant to any changes in SERPs, but it is something I changed.

    **I found one of the cool ways to manually make backlinks via blog commenting is while your surfing the web with stumbleupon. They take you to many relevant sites/blogs and you could leave a comment if you please on some of the sites. It's cool because you are browsing the web and not just looking for sites to comment on/backlink because that can get very boring.

    Since these changes, I checked last night to see that my site had reappeared on Google. Although, it was on page 30. This morning, it was on page 13. I hope it continues rising. But who knows, it could disappear by tomorrow. I will say that my site had never been better than page 36 for my keyword before this.
    Thank you everyone in this forum. I know many of the things I talked about were basic level 1 material and were unintersting. Thank you for taking the time to lift my spirits and encourage me to not give up.
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    Stick at it, it may take a while but you will get there!!
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