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If you have a good quality score, and have been getting clicks, around 8-900 in five days, does that help your SEO score or rank.

In other words, can a good click rate adwords campaign be paused after a week or so, and the SEO ranking take over?
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    There is no correlation between the two.
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    There is no data to show that it affects your serps, unfortunately.
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      Hi mrdanderson,

      Anything you do to promote targeted traffic to your website will definitely help. The more targeted traffic you generate, the more natural backlinks you are likely to get. This of course assumes that you have quality content that folks would want to link to.

      Don't believe those that tell you that promoting targeted traffic to your website doesn't have an impact. You will likely need to go longer than a couple of weeks to have a significant impact. In most cases, you will never see anywhere near the traffic that AdWords can send you, even after years of SEO.

      Naturally, you need to have done a good job of on-page SEO and the rest depends on how useful your information is to your visitors. If your content isn't good enough to get natural backlinks you will be forced to promote traffic some other way.

      I often run PPC on a brand new site to get the ball rolling and then taper off after I see a fair amount of natural backlinks. Works like a charm every time.

      If your website is promoting a product or service, it's not likely to ever generate as much profit as a well managed PPC campaign can do, but it is a viable option for under capitalized projects.

      PPC is also great for testing your assumptions before investing in a long term SEO campaign. I wouldn't think of doing a major long term SEO project without testing my strategy with a brief PPC campaign first.
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        well as you are using adwords thus you might be getting a good rank in you are getting a good numbr of clicks thus inc your visitors thus inc rank in google as you are getting more and more popularised........but stopping adwords for some days would might not help can do a bit of study about which time of a day you are going to get a good number of clicks and thus you can let your adwords campaign to work at that point of time.........
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    SEO rankings are obtained by good on-site optimization, but the biggest factor is website popularity. A popular website with great optimization is a lethal weapon. A popular site with bad on-site optimization (such as footlocker) won't perform.
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    Without being inside Google's head, here's what I would do if I were Google:

    If I noticed that the Adwords landing page was sticky and people were spending time on it, then it probably means that it is somewhat valuable and relevant. Which is the same philosophy Google tries to adopt for the organic listings as well.

    They would determine if your site is sticky, if you have Google Analytics installed or if the visitors have the Google Toolbar installed.

    But this whole subject is philosophical, more than anything else. Pick your keyword appropriately, do proper SEO from the ground up, write good ads, create relevant landing pages, offer value etc. The rest will fall into place.

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    Thanks to all who posted! I have learned allot about Adwords lately and at a big cost! $900 this year already! Wow! No wonder Google is so rich!

    Thomas (Dave) Anderson

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      Yes, and getting far richer every sec just per click on that.

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    Thank you for this post! I learned a lot myself!
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