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Hi there. Yes, the title is correct, we have been reading daily about the site that just sunk or went to the 15th page - mine included.

My client is a .nl site (netherlands) and from 5th place went to 15th page 2 weeks ago. I have been monitoring the ranking daily and it just stays in 15th to 20th page.

I just realized that it is because the inner pages are the ones showing in the SERPS and not the main page (which was before on the 5th place on page 1).

Now, i am wondering why is the main page just dropped from the SEPRS - and the inner pages are the ones showing up? Have you experienced this? I am just worried about this site... What is the best thing to do on this situation?

I hope somebody can shed light on this one. Thanks!
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    Is the site that fell the Virtual Assistant one in your signature?
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    Probably not enough anchor text variation from linking or not too many links too quickly (link velocity).

    If you think either is the case, then start getting links that are in articles (not forum profiles) like . If you need more help with this I'd be glad to assist you.
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    Thanks for your replies:

    @ArranWood: No, it is not the link in my signature (that is my website) - the one i am talking about is my client site

    @InitialEffort: We are building links constantly (not link blasting) and links usually come from variety of ways: videos, articles, forums, etc. That is why i am so puzzled why this happened. This is the first time that this happened to a client..
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    I"m very curious about this too as I too have sites that are acting this way. IT is interesting because I've built series of sites and about half act this way where the other have rank on 1st page.

    So far I've not been able to pinpoint the problem and it seem the only difference is the kw's and competition.

    Would love to know if anyone has an answer to this mystery.

    Michael Lee

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