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Hi, I have my main hosting account with hostgator. However, there is one keyword that I would like to target with 2 different websites for the same keyword. I have heard that it is good to use different hosting if you plan to do this.

If I have both domains registered with namecheap, and point one to hostgator, and one to 000webhost which is free, can any connection be made between the two in googles eyes? I do not want to hurt my domains that rank on hostgator if I have a site hosted on 000webhost with bad neighbors.

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    IMO if you have same content on these two sites, make sure that you wait for the content on site (Hostgator) to be indexed in SERP. Once it is indexed only then upload it on 000webhost. Google will think that the content on 000webhost is duplicate. Hence, the rankings of the site (Hostgator) will not affect. This will make your 000webhost site avoidable in SERP though.
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      Hi Rob,

      First, let me say that you cannot fool Google that easily.

      Second, there is no need to try fool Google, based on the information in your post. If you are using duplicate content then only one of your web pages will rank for your targeted keyword. If your content on each website is unique and valuable there is no reason to hide your affiliation from Google, they will not penalize you for having two separate websites with unique content on each.
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