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i am trying to rank for the term womens shoes...

I have purchased the domains womensshoeworld . com and

I need to decide between the two before i move foward...

For seo purposes, is one better than the other in this case? Will i have more trouble ranking for my term with the shoesforchicks domain because it doesnt have the main keyword in the domain? Or does it really matter that much?

I asked this question on another thread but I think the question may be more appropriate over here in this section.

Thanks in advance!
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    for for

    It has the keywords you're after in the domain name, that's great for seo purposes.
    But I'm weary about the niche you're going after.
    It seems like there would be a lot of competition for this Niche.
    so it'll be hard to get Number one rank which is what every marketer wants.
    Unless you know a whole lot about this niche and SEO. I wouldn't really suggest this if you're just starting out. Anyone questions, PM your skype details and I'll get in contact with you.

    Networking with other marketers is the key to success on the Online World.

    - RokDot
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    Buy them both then test the results. It would ne worth the $13 invesment for the extra domain name. You have shoes in both names - look at zappo - not a mention of shoes!
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    There's two reasons for buying a certain domain name:
    1. Branding
    2. Keyword

    Since neither of them have the exact match domain name for your keyword ( --> shoe without 's'), grab any of them.
    - Offer here -
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      actually the keyword womens shoe get over 1.5 million searches a this case do you think its smarter to use the womensshoeworld domain?
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    You've just saved yourself from one big mistake my friend.
    The keyword "womens shoe" gets 1.5 million BROAD searches, but only gets actually 720 exact searches.
    - Offer here -
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    I suggest U use womensshoeworld. com,cause it include your keywords, both useful for search engines &users.
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