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Hey Warriors,

It's so darn annoying that Google doesn't allow direct linking or forwarding with masking.

What's to get around?

Well, here's what I'm doing.

Affiliate Marketing Using the Google Display Network

This particular campaign is in the freelance writing niche (my favorite niche) and the product I'm promoting is not a CB product but one from a small, independant affiliate network that rocks.

Anyway, so I registered a domain name related to freelance writing (don't want to reveal anything just yet) so I could set the Display URL and destination URL the same.

I installed Wordpress on this domain, made a nice header graphic and spent some time writing a compelling story about myself, how I got started in freelance writing and how I started my career (All true as I did get my start online as a freelance writer).

As I progressed through my compelling story I give references to the course that I followed via my affiliate link.

Finally, at the end of the story I plug the product with big text with the product name as the anchor text.

I created my campaign on Google with the product banner that the affiliate network provided for this product and used that.

To cut a long story short I Googled my main keywords and targeted websites on the front page for my ad placements if they used Adsense.

Low and behold, my campaign was approved on Google.

Now it's running.

I will keep this thread updated as to my progress. I do think it's a good model as I'm telling my story and pre-selling the product.

Well, who knows. What I'm saying is, you CAN still do affiliate marketing on Google's CMP network but a little more leg-work is required rather than simply direct linking.

I might even add an opt-in bos to see if I can collect subs to promote the same product to if they don't buy.

Post your thoughts below.
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    Thanks for the method Russells.

    I really trust you.

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    So you're saying that Google Ad Display network does not allow direct linking even if you use a domain that is forwarded to the offer page?
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