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NEVER pay the reccomended price per click/1000 views. Unless you have an endless supply of income, and what resultsright this second.

However, for the rest of us waiting a few hours/days to see profit is perfectly reasonable. So paying the $5 per click you were suggested just isn't for you.

I was 'suggested' to pay $6 - $8 per-click earlier. I bid $0.65 (and only paid $0.60), and have a CTR of 0.225%. Not bad.

Please guys, don't even think of paying anywhere near the prices suggested.
I know this is obvious to some, but to others who may not know - I really want to stress the fact that the suggestions are grossly over the top.

Good luck,

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    Great advice, I had the same thing with Facebook. They wanted $4 per click and I bid 0.25 per click and everything worked out perfect.

    They want to suck all your money, don't let them!
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    Absolutely right.

    Another thing is: be patient. When you set your costs far below reccommended, you may get antsy waiting for your ad to be approved (no views/clicks). Don't change your price. If it's at least $0.25, you will be fine.
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